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VP - did i miss sth?
Yeeaaa always Vp won because enemy was out of shape, because oppopnent's have crisis, cause of standing in the opponent team. Always there are some excuses but it is never said that VP just improve so...
Vp - against tier 3 teams
Answer is very simply. It is easier to predict what team is going to do if you play against them plenty of times. If you play against lets say underdog (but in case vp is inadequate) you have no idea,...
Give them a chance. They play better and better from match to match and maybe they will be good enough to compete on bigger lans in the futere. Their results are promising and i think that VP can be s...
MOST overrated players of all time
How snax can be ovverated when he is literally shit now ? It doesn't make sense.
r8 Cities youve been to
Paris 9/10 Valencia 10/10 Krakow 10/10 Warsaw 3/10 Gdansk 9/10 Zakopane 8/10 San vito lo capo 10/10 Athens 2/10 Honestly the worst place i've ever visited OSP 8/10 Palma mallorca 8/10 Pottentstein 8/1...
new VP
In the past he was amazing. Just look at his the best plays. I followed cs go since beta so i have comparison :). BTW navi was shit as fuck too:D
new VP
We will see. Now give them time and we will see if this team need something more. Imo if they improve terro they will be top 10-20 for sure. VP's aim is really good especialy snatchie who has conditio...
new VP
Dude why did u put x on that team and tao after few month of playing? They have been played 3 months together, they are improving all the time from match to match i can see progress. If u want build t...
Holy shit poland
That is true. Krakow is better city than Katowice so i think this agreement is the point why Katowice hold ELS Major.
Holy shit poland
Venue is amazing for such a event and Katowice has valid agreement with ESL.
polish people
U call guys that they are from third world country what is not true and you are expecitng that someone will not react to it? Do you like when someone call your country muslim country? It is the same ...
polish people
Maybe you are too young to know that your country was poor as fuck in the past. U should be thankful that Norwey discovered HUGE oil resource on the northern sea and you became economic power.You got ...
Izako Boars vs Vitality
Auglity. What the fuck happend to cs go?
So there were only 2 good teams during NiP era ?
Tell me those good teams. I remember 3: Titan, dragons, sometimes dunes from fnatic showed up. Majority of NiPs opponents were just trash and most of the teams/players do not even ex...