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-devil +kioshima
They had all also played with each other, besides apex and happy (I think) in the past. Devil has never been on a team with any of these players... And on top of that Kenny and Apex came in with top t...
-devil +kioshima
No he was cut because he wasn't listening and/or cummunicating with the team properly and effectively. EVERYONE has to be good at communicating information at the top level, not just the IGL.
Krimz is LE?
Funny how I called that in my last sentence, as #136 said, BUSTED mofo.
Krimz is LE?
Never played a cheater rofl, you're just that dumb that you can't tell how someone plays when their walling, it's extremely easy to hide. Not everyone that walls prefires every corner and hits smoke 1...
Top 5 predictions?
Olof Guardian Snax Device Happy
That made sense
Stop hyping NA trash
I said "capable" I guess you don't know what that means. You said they weren't close to becoming a tier 1 team, but they definitely were, if they performed at the major then it would have been obvi...
Stop hyping NA trash
Winning 3 tournaments against top teams definitely shows they are capable, what more do you want? VP is still tier 1 and they haven't won anything since Dubai and don't even get me started on NiP.
Stop hyping NA trash
3 months =/= week did you even read his comment ?
Lol, I don't need to, I could easily make a video that makes any pro look like they're cheating. You're just easily influenced by a random nobody talking about a game he knows nothing about, then you ...
Lol out of all the pros in CS you think Happy cheats? Why do you even involve yourself in the game then? I assume you've basically just given up on the game, or are just extremely gullible and unable ...
Happy - IGL. Most consistent fragger on the team.
pick your line-up! :)
Clown9 Salty Truth
2 (potential) IGLs won't play with another IGL? Hmm, i wonder why...
I've been thinking that, [BOLD]if[/BOLD] there is a change, a slight recoil nerf and an increased clip size or additional magazine. Right now the A1 is 30% more accurate than the A4. Reducing the ...