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AWP on T-Side
Depends on the map... T side Nuke and T side Inferno for sure you don't need an AWP. T side Dust II or T side Mirage AWPs are super useful and can open maps up for your team on their own.
Wars ur country lost
This is actually false. The USSR did declare war on Japan near the end in order to invade China, which at the time was held by Japan. IF the bombs hadn't been dropped at Japan hadn't surrendered, ther...
Wars ur country lost
WW2 was basically won by the United States. Pre 1941 we were supplying England with materials so they had a chance, and then we entered the war at the end of '41. In 42 and 43 the US made significant ...
twitch dying?
50,000/month would be $600,000 pre winnings. Thats insane and no pro player in ANY E-Sport makes that much at the moment.
Luminosity vs Cloud9
n0thing buying himself another few months of screwing around with his performance tonight. His ceiling is actually insane
I dunno. I still think they should drop n0thing, he just never shows up. its great they're giving slemmy a shot at the big time, but n0thing really needs to step down and let another stewie or shroud ...
Pedro what do you think of Skadoodle atm? Why is he doing so badly?
USA is fucked.
tbh even with 70% taxes I'd still make more than I would cleaning toilets for germans. So I probably am retarded for not wanted Bernie - I'd still be better off than the poles! Thanks for putting i...
USA is fucked.
No they arent. Most places don't have federal AND state taxes, you just have federal. You pay taxes once, and thats that. Here, we pay taxes to the state AND federal government bases on our income ...
USA is fucked.
I literally just explained why Bernie would be a failure. You have to understand, literally nothing Trump proposes would ever get through Congress. I'd rather have 4 years of nothing that 4 years of t...
USA is fucked.
Me? Because I dont support Bernie? I think all three candidates would be a disaster and that Kasich was the only one who would be marginally good. However, Trump has the benefit of not raising taxe...
USA is fucked.
If you mean I'm scared of Bernie, yeah I am. Heres why though. Under Bernie, I'd play close to 70% of my income to taxes. And I already make more than min wage and have health care, so basically Be...
Mothers are typically allowed to stay and earn citizenship, whereas the child is a citizen automatically.
USA is fucked.
Mathematically impossible for him to win the nom and hed be more of a disaster for the US than Trump.
kennys' tatoo
Im juding his physical appearence not his personality. Objectively, hes skinny and white. Thats jjst not even debateable and I doubt KennyS could bench much more than the bar