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Ghost vs FaZe
freakazoid hltv pic is a good example what happens if you go too often to gym! he looks like being in tchernobyl for too long, his head has the size of a peanut compared to the shoulders lul
Niko is the problem, because of nicocko
time to live
Obv. today because live is pretty ez compared to earlier times. In terms of style and .."worldorder" : German empire ~1900 this vid is from berlin around 1900 and mb one of the first and still exist...
Mouz Roster Changes
every player in this lineup (except styko mb) is pretty valuable and attractive on the market atm, + they are used to play in international team. we talk about 3 top 20 players and one of the best a...
Mouz Roster Changes
- sell the players one by one after the major, when everyone who failed on major is looking for new players -aquire sprout
no skill game
+1 can confirm i dont have skill but im global and faceit level99, and im stupid
Italy come here
I think italy is a bad choice for young ppl. south europe in common.
Your city at night
Mouz Roster [Idea]
There is no way back or some kind of "workaround" with the current lineup. guys think about how ridiculous the situation is. some players already wanted to kick styko 12 months ago but they gave him ...
Why mouz lost
"they could not possibly prepare for" true. you cant prepare if you still are in vacation 7 days before the tournament starts. there are only 2 options to explain mouz: 1) they are arrogant af 2) ...
foods you hate most
i hate everything but filet, potatos and and Kraut!
Mouz fix
they arent arrogant, they are tilted
yes, he has an animal twin. exactly the same face expression
good that the lineup is international, cengiz sold mousesports and there are 2 german rosters! I dont have to be mad anymore when mouz fails
yes he looked pretty good (for his expectations) because the rest of the team is at tilt-level 100. think about this: you are forced to play with someone you wanted to kick one year ago because he su...