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Astralis .. REALLY?
Astralis, really? Pls.
Hey Finns come here
Why would you change successful roster? Their chemistry and roles fit well together. You don't want to break that for individual skilled player. If you find success with your roster and keep improvin...
(18+) in love with my boss
I guess she was just covering her ass in case you didn't feel the same. Or more like set a bait and let some loose for you to catch it so she can reel you in. Like you know, showing interest, then pla...
Finland age of consent is 10 years old
The conviction was sexual abuse of a child. Age of consent doesn't change sexual abuse to rape or vice versa. Anyhow, the case was a farce, the conviction should have been of rape since the girl witne...
I'm surprised people aren't dead bored of marvel movies already.
Women unfair
You're absolutely correct and there's no bias of sad nerd claiming their life is so much harder.
[18+]should i do it?
I would seek help for masturbation/porn addiction if you can't not fap, even when your gf asks you to do it to cum in her mouth.
i r8 your bobs
Good list but I'd like to see the in-depth, long list, instead. I feel that would be much more useful for me to get better. Still, thanks for taking a look.
Why are people so hostile about TaZ leaving :(
Dota 2 > LoL
Nice bait
Cheated on my GF
It's pretty obvious but it's funny to think about what's wrong with his head if he finds the need to do so.
Cheated on my GF
He probably finds a girl that doesn't even think about cheating him because he has something more to offer than a penis.
Cheated on my GF
I have respect for you, believing in people and trying to behave respectfully even on online forums. It's definitely worth the wait to find someone that fills you with happiness that doesn't make you ...
Cheated on my GF
Because that requires balls. Self-confidence and respect toward other people AND yourself. Why do you think he comes to an online video gaming forum to boast about it and attacks everyone who thinks t...
A 6y old can be cute but I don't want to date them.