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Beautiful story ;) , are you thinking about making it a movie, or maybe writing a book about it?
Space Soldiers vs DarkPassage
can confirm
Fragsters vs eXtatus
lol i read Frag Executors and got excited that they were back
i guess your rank :
Sensitivity : 2 / 400 game hours : 2610 Country : Turkey Age : 22 Favorite(s) map : Cache Would you choose faceit or esea? (doesn't matter if u only mm) : faceit
What would you choose
black gay
2 months VAC
I wanna talk about VACBAN in this topic, look this guys' stats : He probably started cheating 3 may 2017 and got VAC 2 months after. No need to search for ...
yeah that was annoying
f0rest leaves NIP
Oh haha I thought this was about f0rest (the csgo professional player) leaving the CSGO team Ninjas in Pajamas. My mistake
I'm an asshole
Recently a lot of students from my university started emailing ALL the students to answer surveys for their studies and shit... it pissed me off and one guy was doing a doodle to fix a rendez vous wit...
ass > boobs
you are an intellegent slavic guy then
R8 your AK
Redline, minimal. aka the best ak
"I think that this film will be used for claim sympathy for Erdogan. On April, 2017 there will be a selection for changing the constitution of Turkey. That's the reason why they've changed the release...
Shox explaining why -Scream and G2
the goal is not shooting heads, the goal is winning rounds, that's the point
envyus the real superteam
rpk = aim,bot
If NiP beat Astralis