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c9 sucks
why so salty? forsenE
c9 sucks
retarded 10 yo fnatic and nip fanboys arent any better you know
aim training = worse aim?
not even trash global in 2k18 lol ur bad
First tournament you watched??
cs 1.6 - eswc 2007 csgo - ESL One: Cologne 2014
Last VP match, enjoy guys
yeah but they still have time. They will prolly be able to win one or two decent tournaments a year and everyone will go like "VIRTUS PLOW IS BACK". so they will get away with couple of years until th...
Last VP match, enjoy guys
there is no point for them to leave the team, they get $$$$$$$$$$$$ and I think they dont give a fuck about results. only if VP kicks them which I doubt cuz the org is making $$$$$$$$$$ of their name...
Bitcoin mining in 2018 worth it?
if money isnt the problem why are u asking? u gain profits u happy u lose u dont care ez
If NiKo #1
u wont do it anyways so who cares pussy.
Why does FaZe need GuardiaN?
ur flag is red so are communists russian confirmed
>strats >Happy pick one
Russian Forces in Ukraine Promote Terrorism on YouTube
There are brainwashed russian retards and brainwashed ukrainian retards, brainwashed europeans and americans. Our goverments are trying to do everything to brainwash their people so that we would act ...
R8 grill
4/10 LUL
I also hate germans. All cuz they are so precise and perfect. They make me feel so miserable.
The funniest thing is that it doesnt matter who will be the leader of Russia cuz it always will have " corruption, monopolizm, unfair judicial system and etc." You can change as many leaders as u want...
r8 redhead cutie
they look super unnatural to me, idk maybe its her lipstick or something but it ruins everything for me