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azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars.
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I was right bitches
CSGO 2014
No they weren't, that's the point. Fnatic and ldlc were so dominant during that time period that literally every other team was just cannon fodder, primarily fnatic. Each tournament would be those 2 s...
CSGO 2014
Lol all these new fags "+1"ing. FYI, 2014 was when nip started shitting the bed, performing trash at every event in the 2nd haalf, except the majors. 2014 was where vp and nip dominated the 1st half, ...
Hellraisers new awper
hellraisers in 2016? lul
Pokemon go
shutup kangaroo
Pokemon go
ofc it would be norm seeing as you clowns have had the game released there officially for almost 2 weeks
flusha rich af ???
rofl the way you keep using the word "invest" shows how stupid you are. There's no way you live your life with 346k by never working, unless you hit a jackpot in terms of where you invest that money, ...
r8 this shot
? Nice you hit an average flickshot, if it were a 3 in 1 or something it wouldve been nice, but it was a single kill
FNATIC 2015 x SK 2016 x NiP 2014
nip 2014? you new pal? Nip was nothing insane in 2014, the end of 2014 was when fnatic and ldlc took over
rofl stupid polak, you think vp would beat this current team liquid? delusional 3rd worlder XD
Pokémon GO
Liquid is top 5
tfw they put the top 3 teams in 1 group. Not much you can do, 1 of them had to go so...
the fact that you needed to post this to make urself feel better makes you a retard as well