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87, highest ever for me + first time getting all of the playoffs I even missed out on the prelim stage feels great
i think that 2016 was a great year in real life (both personally and in world events) but it was absolutely horrible for gaming shitty steam summer/winter sales (not many great deals and no "gam...
an entire t1 brazil football team died in a plane crash
americans are dumb
Exactly. The difference between now and summer 2015 was that cloud9 didnt win anything that year, only 2nd places. This is their biggest win
[18+] I'm Christian, sort of an AMA.
Can you go into more detail? What makes Pentecostalism the true/best form of Christianity? Why Pentecostal over Catholic, Orthodox, and a ton of other protestant denominations?
USA Syria WW3
it is the government, not the people we probably will not know why usa is in syria until several years in the future and some emails are hacked it was only like last year we found out about gaddaf...
i will not buy a single spraypaint
Music kits? i forgot they even existed. probably like how ill forget graffiti ever existed
CLG vs Cloud9
why do c9s opponents continue picking mirage? mirage used to be bad map for c9 but this new lineup w/autimatic is great on it
Perfect Major
Interviewers: +this northern arena girl
I met C9 players
i met c9 in columbus at cevo s7 last summer shame there was no summer event in columbus this year :(
Cloud 9 #1 NA ?
C9 is always #1 NA Online Wait until after Northern Arena to say #1 NA
NRG vs Selfless
ez nrg
Tell your top 10 players of your country
1. Assad? 2. pkJESUS
Am I the HLTV Politics Debate King?
yes youtube channel when?
equal has many levels and many definitions; cannot answer that but peaceful? no - throughout history, there have been many warrior cultures that survived or even thrived on warfare: ancient rome ...