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uX vs Space Soldiers
aint nobody trusting xantares' nose
PiTER vs Infused
wasnt he supposed to have spinning classes tonight?
AlienTech vs uX
no you cant play with wire in a tournament not supported by esl, hes just talking without understanding simple concepts and nobody offered any team to play with wire
AlienTech vs uX
thats not even an argument, thats just plain wrong xD
AlienTech vs uX
ok i know youre not the smartest one but nvm im gonna do you the favor of answering: (1) the request of all of your demos (not of alex, we only wanted them since today) was filed in the group yesterd...
AlienTech vs uX
so you shouldnt be able to request demos when the tournament rules say you can request demos in an online tournament without anticheat? 8/8 m8
AlienTech vs uX
we still have no demo of alexe and villiG from train - why does this tournament even have the rule to record demos when they dont enforce their own rules
nerdRage vs uX
thats a viable idea, since they couldnt do anything without you
nerdRage vs uX
we couldnt call pause since i dropped walking on my way and couldnt push any button for like 10s. now it just depends on the ruleset: if they go according to popular rules like esl the round will be p...
nerdRage vs INSHOCK
you are ghost
myKPV vs nerdRage
btw scrunk was banned aswell. he just went through a rehabilitation process as opposed to simple
k1ck vs uX
servers shit, players cant connect, can we maybe reach an admin this way? cevo admins are ninjas
k1ck vs uX
oskar is walling
H How . . . ? You fucked up m8 vs myKPV
go watch this guy!