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AVANGAR vs Fragsters
5. AVANGAR removed Cache
Dont really want to discuss with you because most of Russians already dont care about ukraine and i dont want to lose my time on that shit.Can agree that kids didnt like Putin and we have maybe 10-15%...
So your country is in shit now because your "personal opinions" and "selfmind". Are you fine with that ? Where are your "personal opinions" now ? Why you cant do a new "maidan" to finally bring a good...
how the fuck you can trust someone with 17 yo who say that putins people kill someone.. lmao . All kids are brainwashed here by internet bloggers just because our old politics dont care about internet...
Putin will be first anyway so i vote for jirinovsky just because communists are joke ( Liberal democratic party (jirinovskiy) and Communists are fighting for second place everytime in Russia )
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
bo3 ? I thought chinesee love bo5s :/
Russia vs AGO
seized say he is igl for team russia but when i open wesg stream i see seized is silent and hooch are calling on last map :) I think with flamie and without hooch this team would not have come this fa...
Space Soldiers will win WESG
Fnatic will win. Ss second and its still a good result for them
Cloud9 vs MAX
interesting how much they paid c9 for this
Wololos vs AGO
hope for 2 0
Wesg 2017 Worst Major Ever ?
Its not the same lvl of organazing like in US-EU but still a great event. I like the idea about world championship for countries.
Russia disgraceful
Everything was in accordance with Russian law
Russia disgraceful
Yes exactly like putin lmao
Russia disgraceful
enjoy merkel for 4th time germanistan
Russia disgraceful
All who believe Russia did this before Putins election are just stupid.