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SK picked Cobblestone
Mirage has jungle
HOW TO BECOME A BAITER?????????????????????????????????
"With this tutorial you turn into one of the majority Low Quality Baiters from HLTV"
Sophie Turner
+1 Gemma Atkinson
best player of all time?
rankings are high influenced by achievements during the year, kennyS wasn't winning much with Titan during his prime
Mouz Fix
not defending him, I get that his fragging has dropped off substantially since taking over as IGL but he's now got 2 new players around him who are finding time to fit into the team, and stkyo is goin...
Mouz Fix
They just need time to work on their map pool. Adding 2 new players to a roster will never be a quick solution, so replacing more players isn't going to solve anything
is he cheating?
I have the same problem, the mouse tries to flick into a corner of your screen, which makes it look like you spin in-game. This guy aims perfectly downwards to counter the spray as well as the aimpunc...
UK is shit
you got kicked out of summer camp dude
[+18] Jonty GF r8
Hey love :) Thanks for just being generally awesome!! So glad to have you as a mate, thx for cheering me up, to getting the webcam, to just being there. See you around <3 Jonty.
Germans no honor?
everyone knows that if C9 started on T side they would be using this bug as well
fnatic grill
not surprising really, common for attractive girls with an internet following
He has poor reading comprehension
felps didn't even qualify, how can he remember
cs sad strories
Spawn nearly getting the ninja defuse