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"gay" as an insult
lmao even if just 20 % of the shit he states is true, you're fucked m9
Most difficult languade to learn?
60 fps console gaming?
"powerful enough for VR" is a pretty broad statement, especially in the context of marketing consoles LOL
Help! i5 3210 can i boost the fps however?
he can't
Overclocking an i7 4790k
A home PC in this regard is a PC used for browsing, e-mails, Word, light Excel etc. Even though it's a 650w PSU, the build quality is so awful that around 300-350w load, the voltage will roam aroun...
Overclocking an i7 4790k
http://www.corsair.com/en-us/power-supply-units ??? Did you even bother reading what the manufacturer says about their own units before spreading misinformation? As I told fnatic fanboy, overclo...
Overclocking an i7 4790k
Sure you can with a proper PSU. But overclocking a 330€-ish CPU with a PSU made for basic office use is just plain retarded.
Overclocking an i7 4790k
Yes. Anyone with half a clue about building will say the same. Lower end Corsair PSU's are not made for systems with 970's and i7 4790K's. Even Corsair themselves agree (LOL), so I must ask you: do...
Overclocking an i7 4790k
That the Corsair VS series is not made for overclocking a higher end system. It's made for basic home/office use. Of all the PSU's he could pick, he should probably be most worried about this exact...
Overclocking an i7 4790k
It's a shit PSU for what he wants to use it for.
Overclocking an i7 4790k
The PSU isn't even made for his system when not overclocking.
Overclocking an i7 4790k
If at all possible, replace the PSU before you overclock that system. That PSU isn't made for what you're using it for (and certainly not what you intend to use it for).
Overclocking an i7 4790k
Wattage isn't the only thing you want to look at in a PSU. Some of Corsair's higher end PSU's are fine, yeah, but that's the RMi series or above. The VS series is the entry-level PSU's from Corsair...