im not ur average hltv user. i swear
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dumbest hltv user?
" but he is speaking about shit he doesn't know 1 gram about." kek
Na Vi reshuffle
Which by all accounts is Zeus responsibility.
Na Vi reshuffle
"Zeus made this top2 team"? No. My friend. Two top 3 players in the world made 2018's Na'vi. If Electronic and s1mple didn't show up as individuals (which was pretty rare) they completely fell apart...
Na Vi reshuffle
I would never use Zeus as a coach in anything. I'd want him as far away the players as possible. Maybe he can do some other sponsorship shit in Na'vi.
Na Vi reshuffle
No. Those are different cases. Electronic played in Flipside under Blade and they played a few decent level tournaments. This is n0rbr2334921930wer's first decent even as far as I know.
Na Vi reshuffle
He might be, but he has zero experience. At least wait until he is in a t2 team before he is even considered.
Na Vi reshuffle
Why do you bring n0rb3r7 in there? Everything else is fine, but n0rb3r7 has not proven himself in any way shape or form. imo id go with s1mple, electronic, qikert, Jame and chopper or something
uhm... STYKO?
Thorin rekts BIG
nop do you really see s1mple respecting Hiko as an ingame leader? Put a side IRL shit, he wouldn't respect him one bit. ESPECIALLY NOT IN 2019
Thorin rekts BIG
"best friend" hahaha KEK
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Ofc they've got good salary. Pay attention.
Thorin rekts BIG
Hiko? Your comment is a joke.
YNK disrespectful
Worst posistion to play against in csgo?
Yea ik! That's exactly what I'm saying. The A players are over-rotating so often. Most Faceit players, no matter if they're level 7, 8, 9 or 10.. they don't understand the basics of rotations and comm...