im not ur average hltv user. i swear
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Vitality vs NiP
To be fair, he does look like he could snap at anyone at any given time...
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
I know I'd be. And the community underestimate jetlag heavily. I can just imagine how hard it is to focus on anything, let alone a game like CSGO..
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
It's fairly obvious if you follow CS even at a semi close level. To all of the mad betters in here; You should really stop betting if you placed money on EG this match. Low odds, high percentage of lo...
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
An event like this with bo1s right after a big event (ESL One NY) is bound to have many upsets. Players are tired, jet-lagged and no time to reinvent themself before the event. Bettors should bet. M...
Liquid vs Astralis
+ a million
Yea, both those changes would be an upgrade. But I am saying if they want to stay together I don't have any problems seeing them in top 8. Top 20-30 in CSGO right now is wide open. If you make too ma...
Fragsters were good as a unit at the time. Torben had the lowest rating as far as I can remember. At the end of their roster it was dragonfly (stavn's brother) Bubszkji was somewhere in the middle, ...
why laugh at mibr
And rightly so. The team is lost at this point.
Oh, yeah! I totally forgot that. If BlameF actually calling it would be insane not to ask Bubzjki or someone from Tricked. I believe Hunden said in an interview recently that a few of their players ...
I'd even go as far to say that NiP should pick up Bubzjki and refrezh and swap them for Lekro and GT. Rez has been bad the last few events, but everyone who followed him should know he is capable of...
I've said that a long time. I think it's a shame he got left behind when stavn and refrezh went to other teams. He can IGL as far as I know also, right?
GamerLegion vs forZe
Goes to show how fragile the top 15 rankings are there days. wth
Cloud9 "NEW LOGO"
Beats by C9.
Invictus vs wNv
Snax haters come here
he is not longer ronaldinho csgo and someone on his team is eco-cobra.