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if you fall for that shit you dont deserve otherwise. seriously :D
Help me asap
dont worry , hes with me
s1mple is toxic and disrespectfull
one of the best players atm but hella stupid. gonna get kicked in a few weeks
OPskin bot hacked and vacban
just looked over it real quick. tigertooth is ugly anyways. but damn the crimsons:(
OPskin bot hacked and vacban
dlore , stat m4 howl :D get rekt
Sexy cars thread
MB 560 SEC AMG bestest car ever built
Light a Candle for Fnatic
Deman casting.
once agayn , so annoying otherwise hes alright
Should I get the Intel Core i5 4690 or the lntel XEON E3-1231V3 3,4 GHz?
xeons are for business use. heavy multicore threaded applications. they are NOT suitable for any kind of gaming and are not consumer grade chips (youre not meant to be able to do overclocking or any...
you fkin faggots, like he cares about the money. he cant do apeshit with it. let him do his thing man.
The CS Market
just use it for your advantage. if you want a certain skin just wait for a new case and itll drop alot
VP won two tournaments in 2015!!! Instant tier 1!!!
what the fuck? i think you dont know what tier 1 means
phantoml0rd ayy lmao
how can you be that retarded?:D
f0rest underperforming in 2015
if there is somebody underperforming in nip its friberg for sure. forest is just doing alright imo
health kit in csgo?
bestest idea. also add weapon attachements like reddot ironsight pls volvo