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XeqtR is back?
That would be an epic comeback
Wladimir Klitschko vs Kubrat Pulev
Pulev ofc <3
SpawN & SnajdAN Streams
Every time I watch their streams my heart gets filled with nostalgia.
If you could pick 1 player..
NiP Fanboys
Topic creator just went full retard. What's the point of this thread? Fifflaren never got kicked, he volunteerly left. Maikelele is a nice lad and will never ruin NiP's reputation, besides he is very ...
He will replace Fifflaren
I really like to see Maikel/dennis. Dennis is a really intelligent player. Absolutely underrated. If it's the same dennis i recon from 1.6, then I think he is perfect for NiP. As long as AWPing skills...
NIP NEW LINEUP predictions
A lineup change seems quite urgent. My vote would be -Fifflaren -friberg. Keep Xizt as an IGL and add schneider and Maikelele. It's all this team needs. Fresh players, no more botnecking.
Is Shox the best player EVER in CS?
He is not the best. There's no best. End.
I actually laughed because it's far from being funny. It's so shit but I laughed at it. Thank you, you should become a comedian.
Your matchmaking wins and rank?
122 wins MG. Please tell me how much I suck :(
Is the best team CS:GO ever
Maikelele (2nd AWPer) jw (AWPer) f0rest (rifle) seized (rifle) pretty underrated, though quite talented flusha (IGL)
Questions and thoughts
1. From the ones that still play, I guess I would go for GeT_RiGhT. 2. - 3. Cache. 4. Titan vs LDLC 5. Sweden 6. NiP 7. s1mple and GuardiaN 8. no 9. insertion 10. CS 1.6 all the way.
Hardest rank to rank up from?
Anything above DMG seems quite hard. And I'm stuck at MG am I that bad :(
FODDER is a Gold Nova / Low MG..
MGs don't do all that. It's rather silver/gold 1
ppl from sweden.
I've got to disagree here, swedes tend to be the most polite people ever. Of course that doesn't include all, but most of them seem to be mature and MM is enjoyable with them.