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I ruin teams
LOL i knew him... good move hahahaha. What about fnatic? know they're ruined, but keep going
I ruin teams
lol who is AnJ hahahah
I ruin teams
First of all, u just answered a comment 14 days later because something NEW happened. Secondly, still not done enough to be considered a candidate to the top1. He has guaranteed already a spot near t...
Astralis never had an era
remember an olof flick tho
Astralis never had an era
bad meme
like allu play
bad luck? that was the dumbest thing he could've done. stewie had nothing to do but hoping for bot allu to strike in
bot allu
not being 1 iq
he just got an absolutely minor trophy. He has proved he has potential to be up there, but he's not there just yet. it's like if u sayed s1mple was the best in the world in 2016 or 2017
but he hasn't yet. You cannot give awards for what players will do, man.
but not in great matches. A player cannot be top1 if they are not playing on the most important matches. It's surely not fair, but the best player has to be in one of the best teams. Messi or Ronaldo...
I don't care if they deserve more or not. The thing is that a player needs to be proven in the most important matches in order to get to the top, and zywoo is surely not gonna play a single semifinal ...
but he's been the mvp in so many events, and played some of the most important matches while showing a great individual level. Has zywoo really played any super important map yet? (serious question, i...
gay marriage legal?
so I should marry with my best friend