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Cs:go mouse
yea, heard also good things about it.. it's around 100 e on market right ?
Cs:go mouse
did you try the elite mouse?
Cs:go mouse
I have not been changing mice so much.. so i don't know if it's hard to get used to new one. I would gladly go over to zowie cause the dimensions are almost the same.. but i am just a little afraid to...
Cs:go mouse
Well , i think chroma was about 70e or something like that when i bought it.. elite is about that price atm.. and chroma is like nowhere to buy anymore.
Cs:go mouse
In my opinion he is the best player atm.. if i had the choice to pick over all the fragsters.. he would be my option nr 1. !! Xyp9x the beast!!
well.. you can have an army of 10000000000 monkeys on your side.. even if it's the largest army on the planet, it doesn't mean it's the strongest ;) ... i prefer quality over quantity.
"we look with eyes, see with brain"
Best countries
Russia ezz.. free vodka everywhere!
actually, the brain can see 15 fps..
+1000, made my morning XD
Fnatic or Astralis?
you are wrong .. Navi didn't win major. They came far and ended top 4 at least.. where is mouse in this story ?? they don't even have a lineup XD XD
gla1ve lmao
Ofc, you are mad cause ence lost haha.. they are lucky and should be happy over the victory against Navi and Liquid.. they should enjoy their victory, cause i don't think they will finish 2. again in ...
RIP Keith Flint (Prodigy singer)
well Ramsey scored a goal again so ..
so all under top 8 in a major should make constantly changes to the roster ?? .. doesn't make sense lol