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muslim invasion germany ?
? It's a not a difference between islam, it's a cultural difference. Islam is the same in Turkey and other Arabic countries that are Sunni.
Finnish army!
Just no point using nuclear weapons on a small country and besides that would start a world war
Best rapping CS:GO pro?
it's not him? wtf is wrong with u
Monitor 240HZ!
muslim terrorists
the joke your head
muslim terrorists
It's " Not every muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim ". Get it right at least.
Coldzera pictures
why would anyone be nice to brazilians? lol
wich type of porn do you watch
ye because there is porn that isn't fake :D
Norwegian Army
I don't think your soldiers are well trained compared to other countries that have better armies but they definitely have experience.
Norwegian Army
I didn't say your soldiers are braindead lol, i only said that training matters a lot more than who has more airplanes, helicopters or tanks etc
Norwegian Army
Yeah they are pretty even but for example SAS, Delta and Navy SEALS have way more experience than Norwegian special forces and others.
Norwegian Army
Rest is not irrelevant, if you have a bunch of braindead soldiers with 0 quality training they won't do shit vs an army with less but with well trained soldiers.
Norwegian Army
Your special forces are good but they are definitely not the best in the world. But they are in the top 10 for sure.
angel WTF?
I would say it's 100% cheats if the T wasn't spraying through the wall before, but ange1 obviously heard it, it just looks really weird.
neo interview
dem nipples tho