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Grats on getting a proper monitor. Can't get back to 60hz myself ever since I got mine. :)
Albania CS #1 2019
Yeah, good luck... Every single Albanian I've met on faceit was one that screamed his lungs off in an internet/gaming cafe, no idea what this retarded trend is with you folks, I'm guessing the one tha...
these forums
Who are you?
Jesus Christ.
Is climate change fake?
How would giving a fuck make a difference?
American Women #1?
Who even cares anymore, there is a niche for literally every type of chick out there nowadays. Would you believe that there's men who are actually getting their dicks hard exclusively for bitches who ...
kjaerbye legs WTF
Looks to me like he just has very strong legs, I too have strong legs, and I've always felt odd that my friends, or all my classmates back in the day for that matter, had such stickfigure legs... I wa...
[+18] I fell in love. Help Guys. 2
Not sure if this is cute or just super creepy future Ted Bundy shit right here.
Why do you know these things?
lol wtf
d0cc - weird full auto
By that logic there would be no more Tour de France, no more basketball, football, athletics, and the list goes on, and on, and on... Whether they admit it or not, the case of a cheater will always sl...
d0cc - weird full auto
Well, that's just reality I'm afraid... There isn't a sport in the world where there haven't been cheaters. In CS it's no different, though I don't think it's nearly as big of a problem as you portray...
d0cc - weird full auto
Jesus I sure love how you attic/basement detectives are analyzing every single split second movement a player makes when they're in the spotlight for potential cheating... Overthinking 101.
d0cc - weird full auto
Yeah but how could you honestly argue #28's point. As if faceit would literally acknowledge a potential future pro player hacking, and consciously covering up for it on top of that... It just doesn't ...
d0cc - weird full auto
Nice discrimination, but unfortunately for you there is a much bigger drug problem in the UK than there is here in our glorious kingdom of the Netherlands. Have a great day.