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INTERNET - You guys are retarded
Take that away from him? Nobody takes it away from him, when people are saying he's "from Cameroon" they're obviously referring to the roots of his ancestors, this should be phrased better, but regard...
games PC
Arguing with Trumptards
As if the person being president actually matters, lol.
144hz xDDD
XL2411 is around 5 years old now afaik. They're shit for movies/entertainment, but as for CS they offer literally the same performance as newer and much more expensive ones. But yes the colours are ex...
144 Hz or 300 fps
What #33 said, the difference between 60hz and 75hz is already noticeable... But 144hz is a huge improvement on gameplay. It's hard to go back to 60hz when you've experienced 144hz.
motar2k !!!
He could be both though... Seriously, you youngins always think materialism and flexing your stuff/cash is the meaning of life itself.
Most likely, yeah. But why would you settle for such horrible hardware? :/
226 for the whole thing? Sure, though I'd sell it immediately for more money...
kjaerbye's face
ahh right, that's a much more brilliant thinking.
kjaerbye's face
Yeah, voluntarily leaving Astralis was fucking genius.
[18+] girl sent me her photo...
You're obviously not even 20 years old yet, you can tell by the remnants of puberty that ooze from your frustrated and unguided shitposting.
Too lazy today
yeah, pretty impressive considering mankind's entire history.
FaZe with Olof.
Well now I'm hoping they'll win.
The first to understand propaganda? Are you fucking kidding me?