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CSGO new update
Yeah but nah.
Coffee addiction
So did you just quit cold turkey then? I drink about 2 to 4 cups in an entire week, for me it has a very strong effect, but I don't drink it daily, so the tolerance levels are still pretty fucking vir...
Coffee addiction
How long did the headaches last? Just curious.
No, he was right, nobody laughed but you. You thought it'd be smart, witty, clever, but it was just dumb.
Im sick...
Maybe if you kill yourself your soul will instantly be transported to the next life, one that is hopefully manifesting itself in a realm that is less toxic and shit than earth. But who knows, it could...
lol, fucking morbid answer right off the bat, nice.
White people are you guys mad that
I have not made any reference to that in my post, you are just some random dumbass who can't read.
White people are you guys mad that
Actually, China (and Asia in general) have proven their capabilities as building a society very well. "Stealing" techniques isn't discredited, in fact it's encouraged, if Africa did the same with high...
White people are you guys mad that
Who cares.. Even if 1 species is going to dominate above all others, it will eventually crumble down again from the inside, every empire ever has fucked it up that way and it's all due to the inventio...
Sex with hooker
Nobody pays whores for sex, you pay them to leave.
7yo Fortnite Pro
Why, it's been done a ton of times before, the insanely skilled Halo kid comes to mind first, but there are many others.
Top 10 movies
I was honestly hyped for a new Hellraiser movie when I clicked the first thing, then I realized.
Stop saying lul and omegalul
cancer :(
Jesus my dude... Wishing you good health man.
NiKo with pig
I don't get what's up everyone's ass here either.. He's just having fun.