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UltiCoin vs LANGUDAR
First, there was a stream, you can check game here: Second, how the fuck do you know what their intentions are, I honestly don't care if you believe me or not, ...
UltiCoin vs LANGUDAR
You either are baiting hard, or are seriously dumb, I just said I know each of them personally, they've played in my tournaments and they've attended IESF not once, but several times. Georgian scene m...
UltiCoin vs LANGUDAR
It's a LAN tournament, how the fuck could they be cheating, do you think anybody would pull shit like this, after what happened with forsaken? I'm 100% sure they're not cheating, I know each of them p...
He's playing in millennium right now, they're one of the best in Georgia, but not the best
Basically, these guys won Georgian National Qualifier and they've been playing together for a long time, they're best in Georgia right now.
XaBu isn't in wmgc, he never was.
I r8 ur IRL name
When i was kid, i didn't like my name, but when i think of it now, it's some medieval king level shit.
I r8 ur IRL name
i3 7100 + gtx1050 2gb + 8gb ram fps?
Should be around 200
I r8 steam profiles
XANTARES is a monster
> he doesn't need to speak english > and don't lie to yourself, and you just need to understand what captain or your duo in bombsite says, and tell your problem with the situation in timeouts,aftergam...
XANTARES is a monster
What a load of bullcrap, sure Xantares is talented, but i'm not even sure if FaZe offered him a spot, if NiKo "would deny" or something, but first of all you NEED to know English at least on "medium" ...