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Game of thrones
You can but not legally :)
$ 700 pc advice
+1, this is pretty much the best you can get for the price. The only thing i would change is the mobo to MSI tomahawk, it has a better VRM and costs the same
PC experts come here!
Its trash, you can get a better prebuilt for the price. First of all you are paying almost 250€ for building+windows+windows install which is completely unnecessary and a waste of money. You can get ...
Which PC i choose
All of them are trash for the price. I'd get something like this. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/4f9w4q
I will r8 your mouse and keyboard.
G403 with paracord Pok3r with blue switches
Which mobo for ryzen 5 2600?
Why X370 lol? I'd get MSI B450 Carbon pro. It has probably the best VRM out of any AM4 board at that price point. Also has built in wifi and bluetooth. With X370 and B350 you need to update the bios ...
Come PC Gods!
2060 ofc, 95% of 1080s performance with 1/4 of the price. Yes please
9gag or reddit?
reddit easily lul, literally all the memes on 9gag are stolen from reddit
CPU is outdated as fuck and it isnt even compatible with the mobo but other than that its pretty good. I would get something like this https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/yZZTcY If 250GB isnt enough you...
Pirating experts come
FBI wont do shit if you dont live in the US. If you live in a 3rd world country your government probably donesnt give a shit about torrenting but if you live in a country that cares a VPN is recommend...
Your gaming desk
Your gaming desk
No, pok3r
Get a used CPU and use you current mobo. Something like 4790 should go for around 150€ used. For GPU get an RX580 8GB or even a 1660Ti if you can fit it in your budget and you're good to go
Your gaming desk
Which headphones/speakers do you have?
Your gaming desk
Its DAC-X6, you can do that with it but I wouldnt recommend it for low impedance headphones (95% of gaming headsets). If thats the only thing you need, a basic switch box like this https://www.amazon...