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France will win WC 2018
Why would I be mad ? Africa fully deserved it
France will win WC 2018
Lol what do you mean, Africa won...
pro player nicknames
s1mple - sasha
fortnite > csgo discussion
People will understand after first tournament that BATTLE ROYALE GAMES ARE TRASH TO WATCH. We've seen it on PUBG Gamescom and we will see it on Fortnite tournament
G2 vs Virtus.pro
Translation : Byali leave this team, you are ruining your carrier And where would he go to, AGO ? AGO is a great team don't give me wrong, but they will never win anything big
Coming home status:
Well their football team is coming home
It's coming home
You mean, your football team ?
FRA n BEL = africa(proof)
Sami jami e e waka waka e e it's time for africa
s1mple 2018 vs coldzera 2016
I don't think any player can be compared to what s1mple is doing right now
I rate ur 3 fav songs.
Levitate ah I see you the man of culture aswell
It's funny that people start to notice that now, even in NiP he sucked, but since he had one flashy play per 3 maps, people overhyped him
fnatic wont win
NaVi doesnt have to win for s1mple to get mvp He is that good
They changed IGL every month to see what works for them, nothing worked so they changed line up, I think they did what they could
If they didn't TaZ and Snax would still be on team
Don't know with NiP, but VP as a organisation doesn't care about wins, but players do, that's why they are leaving the team and whole team on lan looks like depression meet up