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How can you take an amazing song by amazing band and make it trash like that lol
m1x vs AVANGAR
because he was looking for the other player
m1x vs AVANGAR
maybe his mousepad ended, because it's looks like it
This is as close as it will get to tier list to be honest, but i would put G2 in Tier 1, because they always compete and I don't know how i feel about VP being in tier 3 not 4
Best song ever made
Not really, he just changed his style. Actually his rhymes and wordplay got 10 times better, but nowadays people need basic lyrics to enjoy music and any bar that requires any sort of thinking to unde...
Best song ever made
Calling Eminem, the best lyrcist in the world, known for his insane wordplay and freestyling skills "0iq lyrics" ? XDD
Best song ever made
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obim8BYGnOE Or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4
NRG>Evil Geniuses
We should start a petition for NRG to change the logo to NRG-500 from GTA SA
Coldzera 100% to Faze
photo was taken in Warsaw international airport
and doubt he would pick vp
doubt virtus pro would pick him
semi-automatic m14 basically scout without scope, with higher fire rate and slightly lower dmg
Most likeable players
Shox ScreaM n0thing ( definitely my fav ) TaZ Pasha NEO shroud Dick Stacey Boombl4 s1mple olofmeister Dosia In no particular order
Xantares career
I wonder what would Device do with 4 bots around him
create a nerf to astralis
you can't shoot through the smokes