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I love how all you shitkids are acting like Thorin made him fuck up. he's a childish baiter, true, but it always takes two for a bait to work...and KNG is a fucking idiot. It's the second time he got...
Here's a newsflash: He did it to himself, by being a damn moron.
Countries wih 1 pro player
They make their money playing CSGO, makes them pro.
i7 or ryzen
There's literally hundreds of hardware review sites out there. Most of them with nice, colorful benchmark graphs that even a lazy dumbass should be able to read.
PUBG is the future of esports ?
If they tone down the playercount and mapsize for competetive play and add some decent observing tools, it could be good. But the way it is right now, it's not ready for eSports. You can't set up dec...
Check the taskmanager when it happens. There could be some process taking up CPU load. I had that happen with some bogus update task.
Are these drops just brief? Or are they long periods of low FPS?
Low sens or high sens
I've always been a high senser. 2500 DPI with an 0.9 sens *gasp* And I do fine. I think too many people force themselves onto shit because "everybody does it" I used to play even higher sense, but ...
Ah yes, the glorious russian Navy. With the single aricraft carrier that was sent through the english channel to show some force....and broke down.
Germanistan story continues
It's not officially confirmed that the gunman was iraqi or even muslim, by the way, as far as I'm aware. But, looking at the news-patterns of recent years, the very fact that they didn't confirm it,...
Leftism = cultural suicide
The problem is that everything is extremes. There is no "center" anymore. Take the US as an example: If you have "liberal" ideas about healthcare and religious matters, but still think people are ent...
-shroud -nothing +dazed +swag
Point being? They couldn't compete in half the tournaments, most importantly majors.
I'm not saying they didn't. They deserve it absolutely, especially compared to IMT, who locked their way through the swiss and then got the easy side of the bracket. But it's already happening. Salty...
Did they really? Now we're gonna get a lot of "Gambit were lucky" posts...
The Walking Dead?
They're focussing on the "shock moments" killing characters, comic-book bad guys, "disasters" Those are the things that get discussed on the internet and those are also the thing that bring in viewer...