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Forum posts vs GODSENT
fuck i knew i should bet more on godsent even tier 3 teams can easily rekt these polish oldies
Sprout vs FlipSid3
ez flipside you'll see
Codewise Unicorns vs Refuse
ez for cheatyourface the ugly shit
No no no he is not even close to messi i dont know about zielinski but im pretty sure emre mor has a big road to go
Rest of the lewo = trash Glik who? Bjk raped him easily on group stage
Lewandovski is your scene? Pity And yes bayern fucking scored 5 against arsenal last year 3 against psg this year 4 against barca before that. So it can happen why are you ignoring that like your mom...
Dude are you fucking serious? I thought you were just trolling. Bayern can't score 5 against atl. Madrid juve or barca? Please learn some football noscener
seized toxic
actually 6/8 still needs to work
mouz k0nfig
There is only one CS god and his name is HUNDEN
mouz k0nfig
-denis -god pick one OR -denis -bot pick two
mouz k0nfig
replacing a bot with another bot OMEGALUL actually that might be a real classic mousesports move
SK vs mousesports
chrisj nice boosted myman. all ur career bottofragging and earn money like a whore.
HellRaisers vs fnatic
ty fnatic for really hard try to lose this game
HellRaisers vs fnatic
Round over - Winner: CT (0-1) - Bomb defused ANGE1 defused the bomb ANGE1 killed KRIMZ with usp_silencer (headshot) ANGE1 killed Golden with awp ANGE1 killed Lekr0 with awp ANGE1 killed flusha with aw...
HellRaisers vs fnatic
Round over - Winner: CT (7-7) - Bomb defused DeadFox defused the bomb DeadFox killed KRIMZ with mp9 (headshot) DeadFox killed flusha with mp9 (headshot) DeadFox killed Lekr0 with mp9 (headshot) KRIMZ ...