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Liquid vs Astralis
So what were you saying??
Liquid vs Astralis
you know nothing about these teams mate astralis won't pick inferno on first. liquid is good on nuke so they dont ban it too. overpass wont be decider so here's whats gonna happen: Astralis ban cach...
Space Soldiers vs North
and now that should guarantee the spot for SS to LAN finals
Space Soldiers vs EnVyUs
this will be 1-1 but i dont know who will win which map
AVANGAR vs Sprout
OMG its fucking happening. please dont win sprout please
AVANGAR vs Sprout
yea krystal is a huge deficit for them
AVANGAR vs Sprout
i really believe that this match is 60-40 at max
AVANGAR vs Sprout
fuck i cant bet on sprout keeps getting error i hope they wont win
70k for turks
So what in bulgaria it is like 500 euros too where is the funny part? Average salaries means nothing by itself only. Bulgaria is more poor than Turkey in all the ways even it is a EU member. Please ...
Skin betting sites
nope csgolounge was taking cut im 100% sure. they even explained the cut situation and i've played on lounge like 3 years
Skin betting sites
so? still not 2x...
Skin betting sites
that's how it works you understand it too. where is the problem? btw i've never seen 2x odds on 50-50 even on illegal betting sites
Skin betting sites
it's not working like that though. even perfect 50-50 should give you less than 2.0 odds because all of those betting systems work like that like on other betting ways
it seems like they cant even beat QBF lol
wow this ATN roster has potential atm