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i didnt expect from you to understand what i wrote hence you only have 60 iq maybe even less. no need to argue kiddo
average doesnt mean anything. For example: you have 60 iq but your country has 99 average so you are far below. i have 135 but my country average is not mine. so shut your fucking mouth fake flagger...
forZe vs Gambit Youngsters
forZe vs Gambit Youngsters
forze doesnt deserve anything fucking loser trash shits
Vitality vs ENCE
and another one
forZe vs Salamander
russians will get into Barbara Palvin's ass
Dignitas vs Astralis
easy +3.5 on game 1
Dignitas vs Astralis
It seems like Astralis will guarantee the top 2 spot either Nip loses or wins. So they may not take this so serious. Although they should still handle dig without taking serious. Risky one i'd skip o...
Heretics vs Secret
what happened to anarkez he is beasting recently but i cant say the same for rest of the team
forZe vs Spirit
i hate fucking forze noobs
forZe vs SMASH
they are so unpredictable. mostly they start bad and play like t5 team then suddenly they got into mood and win many rounds. they are heavily CT sided and they are only good at online. they have been...
forZe vs SMASH
? this is not about xantares or anyone else
forZe vs SMASH
i hate fucking forze. they are bunch of onliners with no future together. inconsistent little shits. i only respect facecrack rest is trash. and yes i do bet on forze but i still dont like them.
they'll have so much fun together
Nemiga vs SKADE
i'm pretty sure that someday one of the players in skade (probably spellan) will get banned for match fixing. whenever i see skade i always think like how much do they want to win? mostly works at t...