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Round over - Winner: CT (2-2) - Bomb defused ztk defused the bomb ztk killed kressy with m4a1 ztk killed crisby with m4a1 ztk killed syken with m4a1 (headshot) kressy planted the bomb (3on1) syken kil...
SinnerS vs Invictus Aquilas
Kunkka the admiral proudmoore
AGO vs Valiance
Oh no inferno ago bet is not safe anymore
Spirit vs LANg0ds
wtf is going on with hltv bot?
Spirit vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: CT (2-1) - Enemy eliminated Inzta killed DavCost with usp_silencer (headshot) Inzta killed COLDYY1 with usp_silencer COLDYY1 killed Ryxxo with ump45 (headshot) DavCost killed Lukk...
Astralis vs NiP
PoE or D3
PoE by far vs AGO
AGO may gamble and pick Cache since VP is not too bad on train. And i dont think VP picks cobble
r8 me
thats not even your channel i follow that guy lol i just watched that video
NiP vs Astralis
is it only me that remember astralis with zonic dominated the game against vp?
Space Soldiers vs North Academy
now this will be interesting. Even though mertz>DESPE i still think SS will take the spot
North Academy vs AGO
Exactly as i said. Gz mate if you did bet
Misfits vs OpTic
Round over - Winner: T (1-1) - Enemy eliminated SicK killed allu with m4a1_silencer (headshot) SicK killed Magisk with cz75a SicK planted the bomb (1on2) allu killed devoduvek with ump45 SicK killed m...
AGO vs HellRaisers
so you accept that he is playing like a god. hyprocrite
AGO vs HellRaisers
yes i think he's good and no i didn't start last week im watching CS since 2003 (First tournament i've watched was WCG 2003) so you can't even argue with me on this case and yes he is good. he always...