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Where is USA in WC?
What's WC?
M4A4 or M4A1-S
For what situation? For instance holding banana on inferno you'll want the A4. Playing long on Dust 2 you may want the A1-S. It's situational. But you should make yourself proficient with both gun...
If you could change one thing in history?
Yesterday I had a hot dog. If I could do it all over again. I'd Def had a burger. You live and you learn.
Cloud9 dont deserve #6
Well this is awkward
FlipSide ugliest team
So you like the teams with the cute boys?
RandomRambo WTF
Then how does ur family eat cuz you know ur broke?
RandomRambo WTF
I can tell ur bait.
RandomRambo WTF
If you think an MM rank means anything when it comes to playing on a serious team let alone professionally than you have alot to learn.
kNg = s1mple?
Yes because he will never win anything
16:9 or 4:3 STRETCHED for Awping?
If you have to ask someone what is going to feel best for you, you will never be good... Stop worrying about what mouse other people like, what res people like. Figure out what works best for you. ...
ec2-a vs Ec2-evo
If your sensor on your evo is fine then I say no its not worth it. If your sensor went bad and you like the shape of the mouse then you will like the 2-a.
ec2-a vs Ec2-evo
Yes it does. My shit got all messed up in under a year of use. I use the Ec1-a now and it's great. Mouse wheel is tighter tho and I don't like that as much but besides that and the sensor is the sa...
144hz vs 120hz
Not saying the last guy is nice but I agree with him. 144hz is much better than 60hz. Going back is horrendous.
starix RETARD?!?!?!
I'm sure he would rekt the fuck out of your 13 year old ass. Talk shit when you get out of open...