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A bunch that are not that active anymore
Bench press
Absolutely, thats why people measure strenght in absolute (what you can pretty much lift as your max regardless of your weight or size) or relative (what you can lift taking in account your weight or ...
Bench press
I have a pretty good dip to not ''die'' by working with X amount of weights added. Not recommended for someone who can barely perform 5 straight bodyweight dips, obviously this kind of people has no b...
Bench press
Done wrongly 100%, you can work on weighted stuff like Dips and Pull ups if you go smart about it. Anyway, me doing that while injured was a thing out of pure ego.
Bench press
I actually do some heavy shit too, I know a thing or two about the matter trust me on that. I might have paraphrased my words wrongly without putting much effort into it, what I meant is If we take in...
Bench press
A smart dude
Bench press
Nah, there a lot of people that can do a variety of amazing stuff
Bench press
depends on how much is your bodyweight tho. Generally speaking, yes. Strenght and endurance athletes usually chase 2x bodyweight on those type of excercises, 3x on squats and deadlifts.
Bench press
Never put time into the bench press. I can Dip 1 rep with +70kg tho while having a bad shoulder if that makes for it :D
Best team has ever seen
damn, gotta keep rolling with life bro lol
Best team has ever seen
Best team has ever seen
Olofmeister KRiMZ JW Flusha Pronax bye
How To Start Gym?
I would recommend you one simple thing, create the habit first. Dont set goals, just go to feel yourself, work a lil bit and get used to going to the place where you train. After a while set some real...
HLTV top 20 is dead
top 20 used to be cool back in 2015. Shit is just the same at this point, nothing new, no hype around it
played vs gobals
nt bloody sweden