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Your favorite pro player plays
Pre AWP nerf back in 2013-2015 kennyS is the greatest individual player Ive ever witnessed play this game. Too bad Titan those days was so bad couldnt keep up with him. Was just inhuman. https://www....
cheaters in csgo
It has been a thing, it is a thing and it will remain a thing. Cheaters all over the place in this game lmao
Movistar Riders vs Hard Legion
Spanish cs TopKek
Best CS:GO player ever?
might be the case, havent been around quiet a while so yeah in 2018 I remember people were already talking about s1mple and putting on the same bracket as cold who was a god at that time. So if peopl...
Best CS:GO player ever?
I get you but I dont agree with that 2014 onward there were enough teams already. That argument worked on people who played in 2012 and 2013. 2014/2015 onwards the scene was competitive enough.
Best CS:GO player ever?
I havent been close to csgo the past 2-3 years, so consistency wise probably since everyone talks about him. Form or performance wise, the highest peak, I assure you, what Titan kennyS did in 2014 wa...
Best CS:GO player ever?
Peak wise 2014 Titan kennyS or 2015 Fnatic olofmeister would take the spot. Special mentions to, SK coldzera, Hellra1sers/Na'Vi s1mple, VeryGames/Epsilon Shoxie in 2013/2014 and NiP GeT_RiGhT in 2013...
Top 10 AWPers at their prime
Titan kennyS in 2014 Cant change my mind. Highest peak performance wise in CSGO history all weapons let alone only AWP. He was so good even tho his team that year didnt win anything everyone knew he...
Best copy-pasta
Is this happens because we are from bulgaria ????
This is some hltv old school stuff son
fnatic vs NIP
damn back in the days Fnatic and NiP used to have 3 close 16-14 games on their bo3, whats this