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PC pros come help
>no need yeah same money for single digit percent better in most games while getting plowed in everything else lel You also need a $100+ board to get VRM's good enough to run the 9400F at all-core t...
PC pros come help
A 2600X comes with a cooler that's equivalent to the one you have picked out in OP anyway. It'll let the 2600X run at max turbo or at 4.1-4.2 all-core overclocked without issue.
PC pros come help
That Patriot Viper kit is Samsung B-Die stuff that is just left unbinned by Patriot's assembler. I haven't had any that's done worse than 4000/CL14 with a 9900k or 3466/CL14 with a 2700X By far the b...
PC pros come help
There is no 8400k, just the dookie raw quad core 8350k which will be miserable going forward as there are already dozens of games released in the last year that stutter on straight quad core systems.
PC pros come help
Seasonic is the only one worth a shit these days as their entire lineup is just wall to wall bangers. Others like Corsair, EVGA, Antec and so on have cheaped out on lower end and mid-range stuff to in...
PC pros come help
Wait like two months or less for Zen 2 and Ryzen 3000 series. An 8 core/16 thread Ryzen 5 3600 at 4.5-4.8Ghz all-core is gonna crush everything for price/performance.
RIP Senna
HANS/Hutchens devices weren't available until the late 1990's.
Hexgears hotswappable 104 key with all Kaihua BOX Jades except for spacebar and numbpad, which are BOX Pale Blue. Keycaps are a Signature Plastics SA profile Dolch set.
rate my pc mainly for cs
You can do what you're asking on a $50 office computer with a $30 used video card buddi
Best deagle ace ever?
Why F1 is so Amazing
Grandprix247 comments section is basically HLTV
What is now Ontario, Canada. We still got the same lake we did when we first settled in NA.
Favorite Metallica album?
Fun fact: Starting with Load, Metallica is folk rock.
Leftists mad at the truth
Tucker is descended from immigrants what a bonehead lol