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If I visited you, it's because the Android browser is stupid.

Thanks for the profile visits.

One less dumbass.
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buying pc parts
Ryzen stuff is objectively the best platform to be on going forward until Intel starts doing multichip CPUs themselves. That ain't gonna happen until 2022 or later. You aren't gonna notice like 5% lo...
Device Red Mouse
The Rival 1X0 is their "small" mouse, now.
Device Red Mouse
The V2 Pro Editions like the red one were released in like 2012 buddi, even FK1's from a couple of generations ago are a trillion times better than early SS stuff.
850£ 300 fps Pc CS go ?
You can get GO pinned at 300 in 1080p low/off with like a $500 partslist rig these days.
Hardest esport ?
Quake dueling. The difference between just the top two players in any given era and even other top 10 players has always been ocean sized.
NA internet is developing nation tier lmao
Large telecom companies were allowed to scam the entire population after signing and agreeing to the 1996 Telecom act. In exchange for tax breaks and stuff they were supposed to have put the bonus mon...
Best rap producers of all time.
It's never not been good. Every solo album he's released was pied piper shit and more and more mainstream production would start to integrate sounds and effects he used 5 years prior.
Best rap producers of all time.
The only right answer is El-P, really. No one has informed the industry of what the next sound is for as long and as many times as El has.
transex/gays excuses
Yeah no shit because those are bad things to be doing? Does your bonehead god not know what the fuck morality is lmao imagine letting a book make you this peanut brained
transex/gays excuses
What does bestiality and pederasty have to do with anything you projecting goofball rofl
transex/gays excuses
If you don't see the difference between consensual sex stuff and murder then the problem's with you buddi
transex/gays excuses
>Homosexuality is perversion of the created order of nature Nature is the gayest shit of all, ya dingus
Bad mics at desc, iem chicago
lugget dat d e s c c
Save draken
He has the same problem as Pyth and Shroud where the disappear for 9/10 elimination maps and series. That comes from results based thinking and trying to work towards winning rounds forwards by gettin...