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If I visited you, it's because the Android browser is stupid.

Thanks for the profile visits.

One less dumbass.
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Favorite Metallica album?
Fun fact: Starting with Load, Metallica is folk rock.
Leftists mad at the truth
Tucker is descended from immigrants what a bonehead lol
What do I get for having paid for the game?
You paid to play the game for potentially years already.
What do I get for having paid for the game?
You've been able to play it since you bought it which is proller for way longer than it's been free.
g403 or zowie fk1
Get both, return the one you don't like. Either of them are top shelf.
headset budget
Then get a clip on mic for 10
headset budget
Superlux HD668B and standalone mic
ducky keyboards
Unless you really need something they do, boutique keyboards are dead. A $40 Cherry MX rig from Kingston or whatever is gonna feel the same. It'll just be missing lights and macros and so on.
Gaming chair
A $70 gaming chair off of Aliexpress that has a flat seat cushion does the same shit for a third of the money. The "bucket" type seats on the fancy looking chairs are garbage.
Where to watch EPL S8
buying pc parts
Ryzen stuff is objectively the best platform to be on going forward until Intel starts doing multichip CPUs themselves. That ain't gonna happen until 2022 or later. You aren't gonna notice like 5% lo...
Device Red Mouse
The Rival 1X0 is their "small" mouse, now.
Device Red Mouse
The V2 Pro Editions like the red one were released in like 2012 buddi, even FK1's from a couple of generations ago are a trillion times better than early SS stuff.
850£ 300 fps Pc CS go ?
You can get GO pinned at 300 in 1080p low/off with like a $500 partslist rig these days.
Hardest esport ?
Quake dueling. The difference between just the top two players in any given era and even other top 10 players has always been ocean sized.