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Renegades vs Eternal Fire
Really want RNG to win, but it just wont happen today, they are playing terrible CS at the moment, sadly. Meanwhile, the whole EF squad is poppin heads like never before imo, looking so good.
GODSENT vs Endpoint
Yes, it's already 12-11
Renegades vs Extra Salt
Clash of tr... Actually no, this could be fun.
NIP vs Astralis
k0nfig for sure. Rez have some moments for sure, but hes so inconsistent imo
Heroic vs FaZe
Please faze, you got this
fnatic vs Eternal Fire
This game should be insane, EF is on fire right now. Fnatic with smooo is looking real good but i don't know, for me this is a 50/50 game.
fnatic vs Eternal Fire
Since always, UK org from the beginning
Entropiq vs Fiend
Let's go Fiend, you got this
Finest vs TYLOO
I don't get it, tyloo is trash everywhere except on big lan tournaments? Finest is obviously the better team right now, but still.
Eternal Fire vs Entropiq
EF looking haaawt
Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC
Well hes been right in most cases, got quite the followage on twitter cause of it. Im not saying hes right, but do what you will with the information.
Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC
It's just rumours so far, FASHR is up for sale atleast but the Wolfy part is just pure speculation. Apprrently they want a full danish roster going
Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC
With FASHR and maybe even wolfy? On the way out from the team, i have no clue what to see here. Hope they win though
I believe in the JW, flusha reunion! Skade is very inconsistent, and Gorillaz for sure have enough firepower to win in a good day.
K23 vs forZe
Xsepower and Steam authentication code will 40 bomb.