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Astralis vs ENCE
Let's hope ENCE will give them a good fight, they apperently prepared ALLOT on D2 against Astralis in the major, let's go <3
Because they are on a break since the major, they aint praccing, focusing on friends and family... This is not a suprise, just casually grinding their ESEA matches as of now.
JOELZ TO ENCE?????????????????
No one expects them to perform at top level right now, they aint even praccing, just playing their ESEA matches casually.
"nawwk stable alternative", fniss
f0rest to international team
Probably wants to be in a Swedish team cause of hes family, newborn child, a wife etc. I bet he still has a decent paycheck every month from the organisation.
Isn't he playing with Pronax new team?
Very low csgo and Gpu ussage
-d3d9ex in launch options, will make a huge difference. GL EDIT: Sorry didn't see that you tried it already, very tired :(
Pro's you've played (dm or match)
Played allot of gathers a couple of years ago, so quite a few, dennis, olofmeister, pronax to mention a few. :)
AGO vs Heroic
Never played an official on Cache, GG ago? :/
why is mm so ez pz?
Because good players play on other platforms instead.
dumped pro players
Exactly, what is he talking about?...
ENCE vs Astralis
So happy for ENCE <3 This is very very impressive, hope you give Astralis a fight! Best of luck.
ENCE era
I really hope so, they deserve it so so much, but let's be real NaVi is doable, Astralis on the other hand is on a totally other level, above all teams. So not this time, but maybe at a later time, G...
Assassins vs Besiktas
I like to watch CS overall, don't care if it's guys or grills playing but isn't this abit like watching a Faceit PUG? A dude sitting at home commenting with a average mic, player photos all have the s...
The road here was just insane, so much work put in, they really really wanted to come here and they deserve it, will be a tough game against NaVi but they will do their homework, won't go down without...