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PRIDE vs Izako Boars
Imagine Izako Boars going abroad on LAN and reaction when people find out that they are called "Boars"....jk they will never go abroad and will just choke in Polish Tournaments. Btw. Izak is the ow...
NiP vs
So it's traditional VP form drop. Probably they won't make it to top 4 in any tournament before major.
Space Soldiers vs
You must be fun at parties if you classify this as cringy.
glaive mad
And they called Taz salty hehehe
ESL hiding crowd
Thanks for proving my point NIP fan.
ESL hiding crowd
I mean. It's because none of remaining teams has big fanbase. NiP, Fnatic VP and SK are only teams with fans around the world. Teams like Navi, Astralis, North etc. are cheered only because they're fa...
Taz Revenge
VP underperformed. They could win Nuke and Train 16-0 ez. They gifted Astralis 6 rounds.
Americana is always easy my frend.
And german teams?
Typical VP mistake. They tend to make them very often, but even if they are in good form they have to make at least one per match. If VP wins this round it's 10-10 and like i said Astralis has to play...
Tbh that mistake is nothing compared to NEO's stupid decision to rotate to A while byali was on B. If Xyp9x wouldn't clutch that VP would close the match, cause Astralis would have to play double eco ...
Next major
Katowice is closed thread for this year as IEM is coming. Maybe in 2018. I would like to see a major in France, Sweden, Portugal or Spain. Barcelona or Paris would be a dream place.
He probably became big because he's friends with Taz and Pasha for a long time. They helped to hype him.