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link pls
2015 year of na
How does that have anything to do with "the year of NA"? Winning events in totally different games? FailFish Do you think HLTV was full of Swedes spamming 2014 the year of Sweden (or whatever year All...
PGL best league?
Needs more prize money, but nice camerawork.
Okay den 25y Protip: It's 100% fake.
If >1000fps
i think you're obsessed. or possessed.
stop saying dota 2 has 500k viewers
you know what's sad? how the entire dota community, with you being a part of it, has bought into chinese viewers being legit. meanwhile, the whole esports scene outside of dota knows how ridiculously ...
stop saying dota 2 has 500k viewers
EVERYONE knows Chinese viewers are faked!!! Ask anyone who isn't only following Dota 2. Any esports person. Of course there's Chinese viewers, probably at least a few hundred thousand. But DouYu and o...
stop saying dota 2 has 500k viewers
This 100x. It's incredible how the Dota community is buying into the ridiculously fake Chinese viewers. Sure, there's probably a few hundred thousand viewers there. But DouYu and others fake their vie...
stop saying dota 2 has 500k viewers
FAKE ASIAN VIEWERS, Chinese especially. All other esports games have recognized that DouYu for example is 80%+ fake, but Dota is now pretending it's real to feel the game is still growing and relevant...
It's very normal for Europeans to say soccer actually. Fuck British English;)
Asian viewers are largely fake. How are you people being tricked by it? It's common knowledge DouYu especially is 80%+ fake.
18.37 million vs 250K
18 million vs 2 million x3 (majors)
is olofm the second best csgo player ever?
never won anything and is now average :) sorry </3
is olofm the second best csgo player ever?
It was 16-14 so clearly a super even game, even with olofm carrying fnatic solo. So you're very wrong. Not that I disagree with you overall, but NiP still have games where most players play very well.
is olofm the second best csgo player ever?
Oh really? A get_right on form would never drop 39 frags against Fnatic in regulation like olofm did vs NiP on train just recently.