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RBG vs timbermen
Lets gooo myself and xner are gonna be covering this match over on the RBG channel guys! Http://
Rebirth vs Eros
You have learned the art of fixing ;)
Kinship vs ImPerium
Got you with some sexy commentary for this sexy match. Get ready
Rebirth vs Eros
I've got you sexy people covered tonight with some of the best production to date ;)
Mike Tysons vs RBG
I've got your coverage here tonight folks ;)
9z vs River Plate
I got you covered for this game in English folks ;)
Redemption POA vs Imperial
Gonna be a good one AND you guys get to see it in English for all you English speakers ;)
Thunder Logic vs Third Impact
Look what the goat dragged in ;)
Thunder Logic vs Third Impact
Hope your all ready for this game, who do you think will take this? Ill throw your predictions in the stream on Monday @
RBG vs Third Impact
I believe in RBG this game, they want to prove themselves after their defeat against Thunder Logic. Prediction: 2-1 you can catch it @
Thunder Logic vs RBG
Thank you! Means alot man!
Lethal Divide vs Kinship
Thanks my man!
Lethal Divide vs Kinship
According to your name, Kobruh wins.
Lethal Divide vs Kinship
Looks like I'm on this one instead folks What are some of your predictions?
Thunder Logic vs RBG
Come hear 2 sexy voices for this game at