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Neuer #1
How can you be the best penalty stopper when Italy just smashed the ball wide 2/3 misses they had. Both keepers did what they should the result was based on how much the penalty shooter fucked up (...
Hungary mad?
Yup Ukraine was trash, but that doesn't change the fact Portugal is playing trash for what you'd expect to win a tournament.
For more or less the same reason LG was, (olof went away) and along with it fnatic. No matter what this major should be good, im just disappointed that group b will have fnatic,lg or g2 eliminated ...
Navi forever number 2 ^^
Hungary mad?
Hungary has looked so much better than Portugal despite their loss, the moment Portugal meets Belguim they are fucked (maybe even Poland will smash them tbh)
Not going to lie, Germany clearly better but that opening goal still bugs me. The ball changed direction when hes slid in (i wonder what that means). Anyhow i don't care that it's 2-0 , Ukraine had...
This is what should be happening, but instead people who have nothing better to do with the lifes ruin it for everyone else :(. GL tomorrow, will be great atmosphere in that game.
I don't get why people are worried about terrorists, they are probably watching this and laughing their heads off and "football fans" doing their job for them.
R.i.p english Fan
I clearly meant the fans and by fans the "ultras" more or less. I live in England i know most of English people are great but i figured people would understand i meant the ultras etc.
R.i.p english Fan
Both are fucking idiots really. Football fans (hooligans) are some nasty cunts who just look for fights. Should just let them beat the life out of each other in open fields just to remove some of t...
England haha
In Russias defence they were missing 3 key player including Dzagoev, who from what i can tell is more creative upfront. Russia just had no option but to play how they did. England on the other hand...
R.i.p english Fan
I love that English pretend to be the victims. Clearly there is something like this happening in all other cities.... Nope just one that England is playing...
UK Worse at War
While still being the biggest/most powerful empire in history... Shit am i supposed to just look for failures? My bad.
UK Worse at War
Dude the guy is clearly insecure, he needs to win at something so clearly the only option he has is where he lives...
GuardiaN leaves Navi?
Or that Zeus/Guardian hasn't joined the group yet , which would make more sense.