Twenty years old guy. I try to be respectful and polite, but may bait sometimes.
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1. Yes, it is important if you honestly want to be a highly skilled professional and have a good salary. Higher education is needed for connections, diploma, and knowledge. There are remarks: 1) there...
Reply ONLY to the same flag
Kristal apologized
These were classic bait threads, no posters really expected him to respond. And twitter, I don't understand why normal people still appeal to this madhouse
We assume so because there have been incidents of poisoning the opposition: Russians on hltv also tell that democracy is harmful, the governme...
dead games?
Lol, I don't remember anything offensive being written, you are not alone there
Korea or Japan
Thank you for sharing your honest opinion! There is no much information about Taiwan, especially comparisons with Korea and Japan. You could make a blog about your experience, it might get popular
Korea or Japan
I've seen Taiwanese cities on google maps, at most part they are really messy and quite dirty, the buildings are architecturally chaotic and the advertisements are everywhere, did you feel discomfort ...
Korea or Japan
And what are the pros of living in Taiwan? Is the climate really that hot and humid?
What kind of help would you expect from the European Union? Sanctions? Military forces?
Gf or money?
I hate thought experiments, but I've already been put into that choice and decided to go with career and hobbies. Though I promote having a relationship and conceiving children
Wide Dosia walk
XAXAX good one
mine takes 410mb in total