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North self-destruction
Players you miss
shaGuar what up now sweeeedes woooooooooooooo
Players you miss
shokkk recently tried to comeback into the french scene if i remember correctly, but +1
"Our chances are really good to win"
Yeah I know Device isnt going to be replaced, but would've been funny x)
"Our chances are really good to win"
Yeah, but oh well. The next qualifier is going to be lit
"Our chances are really good to win"
I think they would've won if Device didnt go back to his old lurk role he had under karrigan in TSM, because then they had a decent awp in cajunb. If device would just come back to the awp role as he...
"Our chances are really good to win"
I know, i just want to see Rubino on a decent team again
MSL is a good IGL ?
They should get back rubino. (yes i know rubino deserves a better team)
olof streak
He played untill the quarterfinal, but since Zonic played in the playoffs. I agree that he is still one of the few, but sadly he didnt get the medal at least, for whoever cares about that
olof streak
Damn, another VeryGames fan.
olof streak
you mean only device and xyp9x, as dupreeh got ill at cologne 2016 and zonic played for him.
pickem update
I had SK as 3-0 rip. quantom 0-3 rip. g2,astralist,vp(rip)north(rip)navi c9 and astralis. rip
Rain is so bad
what do you mean, going in the f0rest for mushrooms are like my favorite time activity :DD
Astralis vs Cloud9
"our chances at the major is pretty good" Ends up in the 1-2 pool against C9. For once I'm going to cheer for C9. gogoog
I R8 your nick name
I'll tell you the origin of the nick. When I was younger, i would always trip and fall down, regardless of it being on dry grass, normal road, ice, snow or wet. And at an english presentation we had...