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I r8 music
Can someone link me some good music in English, I like the ones where there are extended lyrics and moderate rap(Love post malone) slow ones also work, Please link me if you any suggestions :)
Gambit vs OpTic
This is one weird ass game, 9players going 1 rating or above with the overall score being 7-16, like this is RARE
What is that, my ears...
Touring Europe for the first time
Went to De Wallen(red light) in Amsterdam, man that shit was expensive af, more so because it was 31st December :D
Touring Europe for the first time
Update, Our hotel was in Utrecht and we celebrated new years there and it was something else :D
Three countries which..
There is a good and bad side of everything, India is developing at a very steady rate.
Three countries which..
Have you visited India ?
i rate 3 cities in ur country
Yeah, i was in Amsterdam, just decided not to celebrate New Years there.
i rate 3 cities in ur country
I celebrated New Year's in Utrecht(Near Amsterdam) loved every moment of being there, such nice and cool people, would love to come again in future.
delete one country
rating your country
Was in Urecht, and Amsterdam for 3 days, loved it, such a good place.
Touring Europe for the first time World
Yes, we will be travelling intercity/intercountry via Train . sorry for late reply :p
Your Job/Career
Completed my Business Administration degree, took a year off just to re-align with what i want to do in my life, i am leaning towards psychology because of my growing interest's in it, lets see :D
Touring Europe for the first time World
India my friend.
most inspiring movie
A Peaceful Warrior, and if you are into depression and have some past shit that you cant get over then you must watch The Shack amazing movie.