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Juliano's face...
Snax GF
You can tell by looking the hoe's face on instagram?
Say your country and I will say something bad
but so true
Worst countries
jimmy carr fan?
Players you hate the most and why?
DaZeD and steel, becauuse they both pretend that they are intelligent, yet 50% of their vocabulary is a word "like". Also throwing and shit, but they were punished enough for that.
Players you hate the most and why?
Hiko vs snax
If they teamed up, they could eat the whole World together.
Allu for Fugly?
Its not that he got any worse from different positioning on the map, its just that after Hiko shuffle liquid started competing more internationally, versus much better opponents who just outskilled hi...
Are they dancing to the background of shit being pushed out by peristaltic movement of a bowel at 3:15? That is some next level of fucked up :D
Loled at this, untill i realised it is true. And i am not gay.
fnatic cheating
The thing is, that they didnt need to cheat on train, they had a map advantage in this bo5
Liquid vs Envy
Me too, but i was smart enough to play a random yt video to check^^
Liquid vs Envy
Sound only from left speaker?
Most overrated CS:GO, and 1.6 players?
Nobody says that pasha is exceptionally good, people just like him, how is that for overrated?
Pasza Biceps retires
Funny how everytime i get rickrolled, i choose to listen to the song till the end. Dont know if it is some sort of self punishment for my stupidity, or if i actually like the song.