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Top 3 Fragging IGLs
Looks like a bait with the tag and all, but wouldn't be surprised someone to say this seriously either xd
Top 31 team tierlist
Link will work if you copy and paste, works for me anyway
Top 31 team tierlist To address the teams that are partially finnish to remove some possible bias: ENCE: Has some potential and stroke gold on their first match with Sunny IGL:ing with what seems to ...
your biggest secret
They will use him outside of majors for now.
valorant cheater
Yeah It's kinda fucked at the moment, they made a rootkit level AC and it gets bypassed really early, I head that they would tone it down or make it more passive during this "drop phase" due to the tr...
Corona death rate
Surely yeah, where I currently work it is advised you stay home with any similar symptoms to coronavirus since we handle packages from china, although they travel for so long the virus doesn't really ...
Corona death rate
I'm not claiming it is not a big deal but the attitude towards it is a bit too much, and what you should be taking from this text is an overall positive outlook on what will happen. It could get a lot...
Corona death rate
Surely yeah, but whenever that spike might come, it will come down as fast, and the following spike after that will be lower and lower since all the time actions are happening to make it less likely t...
Corona death rate
Coronavirus is so blown out of proportion it's insane and even the active cases are reducing so much as we speak, it won't keep spreading for long and it will wash away like the rest of the bunch. Tak...
Best igls individual skills
Where is our boy aleksi?
Best IGL from your country
xl2411p problem
It goes away from me when I just use monitor power button to reboot the monitor. Happens rarely though.
stop inviting mibr
big +1