Micro stakes poker cash games player, rarely play CS:GO anymore.

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Current stakes: 5NLz, 9-11bb/100

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What would make you think that?
Cold G.O.A.T
Far from it atm nt 0/8
Who is your best player in your country?
Sergej has the most potential probably, currently one of the best too ofc, if not the best.
First sex
Could be!
First sex
I mean using just the pill is fine, it protects over 99% of the time so not using double protection is fine usually..
Yeahh not to my taste at all tbh..
buying condoms is easy they said...
If you refuse to sell protection to people no matter their age, you have 70 iq or something srsly...
sex per week
Why didn't you use protection :/
[+18] Girl Help
Texting is good to start but try not to text many weeks before seeing, it will be a bit harder if you overdo texting, since getting to know someones gestures etc. is important for being able to have g...
[+18] Girl Help
Asking a lot of different questions is usually the best bet to start a good series of conversations, if you can't work off of that then I don't know what else to tell you.
your english LEVEL
50/50 not sure how long it took, under 5 mins I'd say.
Yeah you can hear his watermark at 0:03-0:04, Ruuben does all of the commercial producing for Gettomasa I believe.
Gettomasa's usual producer and to my knowledge, the one who produced these tracks is called Ruuben.
EU RAP Gettomasa one of the greatest in Finland for sure.
good smartphone?
iPhone is good!