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THOOORIN grey beard !! He had an almost identical blue color
THOOORIN grey beard !!
THOOORIN grey beard !!
At least he's not wearing that retarded bright blue suit he had during a day at the major. Looked like a damn Mariachi band member AWOL from a Mexican wedding.
KOOSTA is good
As stated before, Koosta just needs time to adapt to Liquid. He was a one man army in his previous team and easily one of the best AWPers in the US. But you can't change over from a "shit this team ri...
-koosta +roca
Koosta just needs time to adapt to Liquid and to play as a team. In his previous team, he was like old Shroud, one man army. When he died, the round was more or less over. When he's confident, he'...
Incorrect. Koosta already played the qualifier with his old team so he was "locked" for the major to them. Liquid couldn't find a better replacement and decided to use adreN in Koostas role instead, s...
1.3 million people
Oh let's see, HLTV's worlds best player, Olofmeister. 2nd, Guardian. Both had wrist injuries during the major. Did it impact their game? Olofm consistently worst on Fnatic. Guardian consistently...
Just an FYI, in that position, if he's expecting a push from someone in connector to jump him, you don't scope. The AWP is accurate around 50% of the time if you no scope, put that in close quarters a...
Europe All-Stars vs Americas All-Stars
It's an Allstar game consisting of NA and EU TEAMS. Read the last word properly. This isn't a passport vs passport challenge. It's the fans favorite from the NA scene vs the fans favorite from the ...
best hockey countries.
Sadly, around 20% of the world. And it's far from 80% that care about hockey.
best hockey countries.
Except Finland had something to play for, USA more or less didn't care about the game. For Finland, it wasn't a bronze match. It was the farewell match for Selänne and he quit the national team aft...
How to repair NV?
You don't need a dedicated awper. You just need a player that can handle the awp decently to get team play going. Just look at Liquid right now at the Major. No dedicated awper, they let adreN pick it...
How to repair NV?
Yep, and the lineup I listed would do better in today's game. When you have NKB, Happy and KennyS playing solo and brainless, you won't be able to build a team around them. When they learn the basi...
How to repair NV?
Why even try to repair a broken scene? Their ego's are too big for their play anyway. But if you want a working team, it's pretty obvious you start by kicking KennyS. He's not compatible with the p...
MLG best major ever
Depends on what time, right now the first few games are perfect. 16-22 is a decent timeslot, even if I prefer they would start at 18 to 24 instead. The last 2 games are way too late for working people...