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Mouse +Headset (help)
just wanted to show you a good brands for music and gaming thats worth the money. hd330 are cheap and better than any cheap gaming headset and u can save money gl
Mouse +Headset (help)
xtrfy m4 is a great mouse, u dont need a "gaming headset" its overpriced and dumb check smth like superlux hd330 its cheap and has a batter sound than most ''gaming headsets'' if you wanna spend more ...
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
for kids looking at the kills haha jk simple is like niko both of them should be playing as entry and nothing else while zywoo is a star player something that niko and simple have been chasing for too...
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
zywoo is just a god, its like watching f0rest,gtr,neo at their prime, really cool to see
$75,000 for a Car
hi take a look at lexus lc500 it has a 5l aswell hellcat is cool af tho
new cpu mobo combo
ur cpu is decent bro if its only for csgo u dont need a new one u wont get much better having like 50 fps more its just waste of money. just wait and buy when theres ddr5 and change ur gpu then. gl
Astralis vs mousesports
now dont kick chrisj cuz he got 1 round lmao
BIG vs mousesports
ropz is like elige in liquid can someone save them both..
Zywoo is going obvious...
dont compare a shitty player like s1mple with zywoo ty
mousesports vs ENCE
why is ropz still playing with this team
meaning of life
just play cs
Taradora! :))
just pay more lmao
G2 vs BIG
Astralis vs Vitality
its not bad luck its his choice to play in dignitas hes playing with his friends and gets paid hes not winning but i would prefer that too instead of playing with people like niko or s1mple for exampl...