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was flusha cheating?
Are you actually retarded? Where is the lock?
@mousesports PLEASE switch out denis for Tabsen
Bet you said the same thing about Niko
@mousesports PLEASE switch out denis for Tabsen
Overrated? Inconsistent? Are you fucking kidding me? How can you call someone with these perfomances inconsistent? Do you know how someone who is inco...
@mousesports PLEASE switch out denis for Tabsen
Why joke? ChrisJ disappears every 2nd game. How are you supposed to win anything when your 2nd star is so inconsistent?
@mousesports PLEASE switch out denis for Tabsen
And while you're at it switch out ChrisJ for Oskar
He would if he could speak english. Seriously, how fucking lazy or stupid do you have to be to not learn english when it's basically a gateway to a 100k+ $ career? He's practically throwing that mo...
FALSE ALARM Go to 05:02:55. You can see him move his arm to the left. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. He's clean. At least in this clip
He just had another aimlock 5 seconds ago
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
Now I am pretty sure what the problem was. I ran some Benchmark tools. My CPU score were normal. The same score as other 4460's But my GPU performed way worse than it should have. My score on...
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
One thing is for sure, either my GPU or my CPU is faulty. Something has to be wrong when I'm getting 150 fps and other people with the same setup get 300fps. The thing is temps are fine, GPU and CP...
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
Witcher 3 on high settings 50 fps and Battlefront on max settings 60 fps. It's around what others have in these games I think or maybe 5-10 fps less I don't know. Only Xcom 2 I only have 35 fps on ...
fisheye effect
I meant the car looks bigger and closer on the second picture by the way, not smaller of course
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
550W Cooler Master G550M
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
Multicore rendering is on and yes 144hz
i5 4460 + r9 380 (gtx 960) fps?
8gb DDR3 Ram Windows 10