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top 8 NA awpers
1 - skadoodle 2 - fallen 3 - jdm 4 - adren 5 - shahzam 6 - ptr Nobody else matters.
fREAKAZOID statistics
Those guys are all more like shroud or tarik in that they will entry, but only when it's convenient for them. They aren't dedicated entry fraggers who run in for the sole purpose of being a trade kill...
Can thoorin just die off already?
I'm not gonna do fucking research while watching a match. It was nice that he was able to give viewers a bit of background info. Too bad he decided that wasn't enough.
Can thoorin just die off already?
He went from a respectable historian for cs, to an insufferable babbling idiot in a span of 6 months. Thank god he's only on stream during breaks.
Thorin rekt n0thing (twitter)
Agreed. I have to mute him every time he appears on my screen. Just senseless babbling.
top 10 na players
I can't speak for shroud's comfort level but regarding Tarik and Elige, I don't think either of them are true entries. Both players pick and choose their spots and both need to be supported by their t...
top 10 na players
1 - shroud 2 - skadoodle 3 - n0thing 4 - sgares 5 - freakazoid 6 - tarik 7 - semphis 8 - hiko 9 - roca 10 - cutler
top 10 na players
shroud is actually pretty nuts with entries, better than freak. But it would be a waste to have him in that role because of his clutching abilities.
c9 are top5
Mediocre opponents? Na'Vi, nV and NiP were at this one. fnatic, VP, nV and TSM were at the last...
c9 are top5
If they can beat Na'Vi, I agree.
1. fnatic 2. TSM 3. Na'Vi 4. Virtus.Pro 5. Cloud9 6. NiP 7. EnVyUs 8. FlipSid3 9. Dignitas 10. Titan
SMFC --> Global Elite
Took me 11 wins between SMFC and GE and I probably had like 10 losses over that span. So maybe you're not getting enough MVPs.
Hiko always last alive.
It's clear you've never watched Fnatic. All of them push and take aim battles. They don't give a fuck.
Hiko always last alive.
There's not a single lurker on a top team that baits as hard as Hiko does. He plays 1v9 every match.
Hiko always last alive.
He wouldn't be in so many clutch situations if his team didn't have to play 4v5 every round. And because he's in so many clutch situations, of course he's going to win a few and those are the few that...