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zeus underrated
zeus is great
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
so early? cant imagine :DDD
flamie graffity?
dosia graphiti, so stop saying shit
Zeus replacement?
these experts lol who garantees that "better frager" wil make a team better? its not always the case. its not your typical mm game kids
NiP lol
nip getting stronger each time, happy for them, whatever
matchmaking system...
its the same shit, what i noticed level of skill is even worse
144htz logic
fps is not affected by monitor refresh rate. you changed something more, maybe resolution or video settings
-Who(NaVi) +AdreN soon
you need some help if you think navi will make changes now
MM officially dead?
its fast as always i even noticed that office and agency is much faster than before GE rank. i do play mm only hostage maps, i hate to play normal mm, i rather go faceit
Im Ukrainian(CIS) I will answer to your questions
put your love in the ass
BIG better then NAVI
i would say if he would say BIG is ez for us, then i would think they will lose against BIG cause of underestimating them. but, when you respect the opponent you will play with full concentration, why...
NaVi should kick Edward
hobbit is average
NaVi should kick Edward
ye sk kicked taco, see what happened lol he will start fragging believe he already played not bad last games, wtf are you even talking
Ask a Russian about Russia
how can they be good? i dont they have good people around them