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What kind of shoes do u wear?
no way you keep a list of all the shoes you got :D
calvin klein or lacoste
go for h&m.. who buys a scarf from any overpriced brand? thats like paying 50€ for louis vitton toilet paper
s1mple de_cache graffity confirmed !
s1mple de_cache graffity confirmed !
overpass - molotov defuse and the olofboost
you get 1 point every day if you didnt count that in
TV series
what about Lost/Daredevil/Arrow.. also Saul Goodman - the spinoff of Breaking Bad
Sansa Stark
theres always people like you who just cant enjoy a nice film/show but always have to think about every single thing in the scenery.. you must be a fun person
m0e hated
the last sentence fits for everyone commenting here
cs go has less viewers than heroes of the storm
well I dont know if they did cause I dont really follow these kinda streams and so its rules but I'm pretty sure people like phantomlord etc rarely play the game at all
cs go has less viewers than heroes of the storm
I didnt say that I dont watch pro games.. neither did I say that I watch gambling streamers.. But the biggest csgo streamers are not playing the game but just stream how they bet on gambling sites. I ...
cs go has less viewers than heroes of the storm
well I think most streams that people watch are about gambling :D ppl dont really care about pro games that much
G2 vs mousesports prediction?
rip your prediction :P
Shia LaBeouf's GF
by that reasoning she could be hitler too.. or maybe the next dalai lama
Astralis wtf
-Karrigan +HUNDEN eZ top 1
Schalke04 in LCS
real fanboy detected