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Mad ence fans
Can't be mad about losing to the best. Ence did amazing work and I'm curious to see if they can keep going and improve.
Best Drink for CSGO?
Do ENCE have an honest shot at the grand finals?
Yes, they have an solid chance. 65/60 to 35/40 sounds about right. Before liquid game I would've estimated liquid to be the harder matchup than navi, but this can definitely go either way. Navi needs...
Ence is Inspiration
I'm not saying it will, but IF it would. Matchup vs Na'Vi is definitely doable. If Na'Vi don't get a strong start, I suspect their possible internal issues and personalities might heat up, whereas enc...
Faceit Premium
That's completely subjective though. If you play a lot of CS, 83.88€ / year might not be that much considering time spent and also income is a huge factor.
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
Let's hope that this goes to distance, all three maps. Whichever team goes off probably wins, especially as navi seem to struggle internally sometimes where as ence has nerves of steel. #EZ4ENCE
Ence is Inspiration
I totally agree and I won't be feeling bad (and probably none of ence players would either) even though their journey would stop to semis. This has been one hell of a run from the young guns and defin...
classic wow
Human/orc warrior, depending which faction my friends want to go for. It's likely to be alliance if I had to guess and I'm fine with that as I've mostly played horde anyway.
Steam Account $7500!?
Thought so too, but it's exactly 100th: https://steamladder.com/profile/76561197960270968/ https://steamladder.com/ladder/steam_age/
Steam Account $7500!?
Actually, I were wrong. He's exactly 100th: https://steamladder.com/profile/76561197960270968/
Steam Account $7500!?
It's not in the 100 oldest accounts though. It's very early one for sure, considering mine is somewhere within first 125 000 registered accounts. Wondering if anyone really cares though and pays the ...
Islam is powerful
Radical islamists are at same stage as christians were during the crusades. Basically, their development is at medieval level. That makes them dangerous and it has nothing to do with the religion itse...
Do you play on 144hz ?
Definitely not necessary, but it's definitely very nice to have. 144hz monitors are really cheap these days too and to be fair, gaming is one of my least expensive ways of spending free time so why no...
Do you play on 144hz ?
160hz and even higher at low resolutions back in the day was THE shit.
Souvenir Packages
Souvenir packages don't drop anymore, each account with the pass can choose up to 3, that's it. No more per account.