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weeb culture in cs go
Except that OP is calling out someone elses opinion of being a wrong one.
weeb culture in cs go
Why isn't people allowed to have their own opinion?
Faze why so quiet?
Didn't just faze win against eg?
Air Pods Pro <3
How does using headphones make you a broke boi? :thinking: I use both, but my headphones are three times more expensive than my in ears (Bose 700 - $450).
New monitor - 1080p 144hz or 1440p 144hz
However, I think he just stating what kinds of games he's gonna play with the new monitor. So don't be that guy. RDR2 is relasing tomorrow for PC if I'm not mistaken so it's a valid statement to say ...
New monitor - 1080p 144hz or 1440p 144hz
Yeah, because you don't need a monitor for consoles.
Site rules are flawed.
The point he's trying to make (I assume) is every AMA you create is a thread. Therefore every pointless AMA can be ruled under the "Pointless thread" rule. So yes, pointless AMAs is in the rule alrea...
simple leaves!!!
I like that he didn't realize all the info is in the url! =D You got us, man!
w0xic's mouse
Then I guess I misunderstood you. But it felt like you thought woxic was using a cheap mouse as standard. =D But if you know he didn't then I understand you and I'm willing to agree. If you can perfo...
w0xic's mouse
What are you talking about atm? =D His mouse broke down and got a replacement from the tournament that he whines on. And #0 is calling him out because he doesn't have his own replacement mouse with ...
wow classic lol
You don't have to play it if you don't want to. No need to be upset about it.
ZywOo best with Magnus Snipe Rifle
I think that's why zywoo can't be called top 1, yet. A few months experience is not enough. S1mple have been putting up those numbers for ages now. Zywoo is crazy, dont get me wrong, but will he keep...
He probably lost some money on them like five years ago and can't drop it. Mate, it's time to move on now.
are sweds proud to be sweds at this point?
I'm always proud to be a swede. Sweden is such a great country in many ways and I'm happy to live here. :)
Its too hot...........
We've had like 5 days above 20c this summer in Northern Sweden. Kinda sucka as well (Not as much as way too hot tho). But I wouldn't mind a bit hotter.