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best lineup in ur nation
MiBR will end Astralis
Zews is nothing compared to Zonic
neo better than f0rest
I care
TaZ Pasha Snax Byali Neo Only polish superteam, rest is shit.. rip Polish scene :(
neo better than f0rest
Neo 1.6 > Forest 1.6 Csgo Neo is shit
neo better than f0rest
He was tho
Astralis... not even close.
Can't talk for all Danes, but i can say that im not mad. Facts is Astralis is the best team in the world and arguably the best team in history, It has nothing to do with the scene, it has to do with A...
Astralis... not even close.
But no Intel Grand Slam
Astralis... not even close.
Eleague Major Finals vs VP? - Best final i have ever seen. Alot of people agreed back in the day, That final will be remembered for sure
MARKUS “Two Faced” T...
He's the reason Astralis is number 1. We should celebrate him for leaving instead of hating on him. But that kinda was a dick move, but we should all move on now, and be glad that atleast he got what ...
Olof or Coldzera are the old GOAT. Simple and Device are the new ones. Device is on the way to become the greatest.
Liquid will win EPL.
Actually makes alot of sence... Nah Liquid is going home. 3-0 for Astralis, and they will a have alot of money and fucking gold bars #Feelsbadman #cryisfree# /EOD /Thread
Astralis goat?
Not agree
we will be back
Wp, cya Next time, friends
IF Astralis win tommorow they get 1mln extra?
Agree, but Astralis deserves everything and since im a fan, it's never gets boring