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It's true, most people partying don't give 2 shits of what anyone looks like etc cause they're just drunk and having a good time. I've seen many people you could see as "fat" on dance floors in clubs ...
C9 5th?
It was already pretty much confirmed that it isn't anyone from G2 as their buyouts were apparently astronomical. G2 probably wants to keep NBK and apex around as a fall-back option if their roster fai...
C9 5th?
Sorry but there's no chance in hell NRG is letting any of their players go.
C9 5th?
Likely n0thing on a temp contract or FNS again (though I doubt they'd give FNS another chance as I would bet none of their 4 players want to play with him).
nahtE and CeRq to C9
Honestly I feel like Brehze > Rush, but rush just has more lan experience/xp in general. Give brehze some more events and he'll be a damn good player.
old account come here
Old account and long-time member here. In my late 20's now, made this account when I was like 14-15. Played CS 1.6 up to CEVO-main (nearly cal-premier). Don't play competitively anymore though, too ol...
Have all seasons of Vikings on video on demand on my big screen tv HD + cable service.. Can watch all episodes over again anytime. U mad kid? Btw it isn't an HBO series, so technically it would be ki...
n0thing TO C9 ?
Am actually quite curious as to who their 5th is gonna be now that NBK / apex were pretty much ruled out.. I would say likely either n0thing or FNS will just be back again as I highly doubt they'll ha...
Scream to C9
Easy there buddy, they're just going to trash liquid again once they get a decent 5th and TL will be back down to maybe top 3 in NA after NRG and C9.
FaZe vs mousesports
-35.... Eeek. NiKo had almost double n0things kills in the entire bo5. lol.
n0thing come on...
I wasn't a fan of how he was playing so passively back on A-site on train CT side.. He does best when he is pushing out near e-box and taking duels, getting popflashed in.. But they still made it work...
FaZe vs mousesports
Faze is really good though, so I wouldn't say that. I still favor faze to win.
FaZe vs mousesports
Faze seemed to mega-tilt after ChrisJ got that 1v3 awp clutch in that ugly re-take.
FaZe vs mousesports
Rain threw a nade to use to get some damage out while also using the nade explosion to obscure vision so he can cross into checkers, so ropz simply just shot through the grenade explosive predicting i...
fallen leaves
Saw them in concert a few years ago, was pretty good.