First Generation HLTV user. (15 years) : )
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Doubt it.. Would be a good way to get thrown out on ur ass and banned for the rest of the event, and banned from future blizzcons.. Which would be a huge waste of $$.
Blizzcon HYPE!!! Diablo 4 inc.
r8 flamie new gf
Your sarcasm is remarkable. What a guy.
r8 flamie new gf
Yes, I am old now ^^ I joined this website back then as a teenager in high school that was an avid 1.6 player. I now have a daughter/family. Crazy isn't it?
R8 my grandma
It is safe to click, I just clicked... Not an overly hot older lady though.
i smoked again
Btw, the "Nicotine high" head-rush sensation from inhaling a drag from a cig only lasts for a few weeks of smoking.. After you are smoking for a couple weeks your brain develops resistance to the nico...
i smoked again
Yea it is very tough. I smoked for 8 years - started because my girlfriend at the time smoked, so I naturally started so that we could share a cig together etc. Quitting after almost a decade was a bi...
TenZ aim
He was streaming and talked to his viewers about his reasoning for being benched from C9.. In the clip he was being very arrogant / cocky and basically saying he didn't like the style how they played ...
r8 flamie new gf
Pretty much your average wannabe female instagram model gold-digger getting pictures taken of herself beside mercedes benz's.. Same as the other several million of them out there. Tbh with the money f...
shroud to mixer does nothing
You're ignorant if you think that people like him going to mixer is a bad thing, and you lack understanding of basic principles of economics. Up to this point, Twitch has had a huge monopoly on the g...
Frankie is fckng rude
To be honest, as someone that has streamed its actually incredibly annoying when people are constantly telling you how to play / what to do in general; it gets extremely irritating people constantly n...
NordVPN hacked
Only pussy paranoid cucks use VPN's.. Or people that are browsing the internet looking at illegal shit that obviously have something to hide.
He makes a lot of brainless plays that make absolutely no sense and are technically and strategically incorrect. He doesn't play with any patience and appears to just roam about doing whatever. One t...
Asmongold weak?
10k $$ per month? He has like 14k Subscribers alone on twitch, lmfao. That isn't even taking donations into account (which he gets a lot of $20+ donations from his army of fanboys).
Asmongold weak?
He does not mythic raid anymore. nt burger ; )