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If C9 doesn't sign ScreaM
I feel like veteran players is not the route C9 should go for their 5th. ScreaM is washed at this point and is in the twilight of his career (lets be honest). NBK is semi-washed and not even worth the...
If C9 doesn't sign ScreaM
First of all, C9 already said a long time ago that they were looking for standins that can move to NA and practice with the team up until the major.. That was already what Styko was hired on to do, so...
I am real prokda AMA
nt fake murica
Will I ever get a gf
One thing I've learned through going through my 20's is it's best to prioritize yourself (your life and work/education, becoming independent). Finding a girlfriend will just fall into place on it's ow...
Will I ever get a gf
When I was in my mid 20's one of my buddies was still a virgin and literally could not get a gf to save his life (He was like 22 at the time. Really quiet, lower self-esteem guy, we used to always bug...
Anyone who joined after 2005 is a newfag.
Okay, I respect styko. :)
"Crimea ours", come here
I don't really care who they pick up at this point, all I care about is that they replace styko with someone that can frag decently well and keep Golden as IGL and then practice practice practice. The...
c9 s0m
so what if I gay?? it is 2018..
Americans come here
Same type of thing.. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, little bit of gymnastics, some rugby, track and field, etc. That is what Gym class or PhysEd class usually consists of.
How to be rich manual
She earns by people that watch commercials on her youtube video. You don't just get money from "X" number of flat video views, that isn't how youtube revenue works. You don't get anything until someon...
c9 fix
Golden isn't enough of a fragger IGL for them to be able to get away with having a pure support player like styko without lacking firepower. Styko worked on mouz because ChrisJ (their IGL) was more of...
C9 ScreaM confirmed (95%)
Put any decent fragger in with Ska Autimatic Rush Golden and as long as they can get some solid practice in before the major they are well capable. They had 2 issues at eleague. One, they had really ...
c9 fix
They don't need a star player really, RUSH is well capable of stepping up when he is semi-comfortable; same with Auti and 50% ska. All they need imo is a solid fragger that can at least aim and isn't ...