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ryzen 3 2200g users come here
Because you have a bad gpu and cpu
climate change?
Again, what evidence do you want? We've already established that co2 levels are not lower than 400k years ago as you claimed, they are much much higher at 408ppm. Do you want proof that co2 increases ...
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Thanks for the fortnite skins
biggest gaming achievement
Getting global in wingman :D
climate change?
You're clearly scientifically illiterate. What would that evidence possibly look like? We've known since at least the 50s that co2 in the atmosphere traps heat. We also know that we've been burning ca...
climate change?
Trustworthy sources of what? That co2 levels has skyrocketed since the industrial revolution, with no increase in volcanic activity? Could it be because we took billions of tons of locked carbon and ...
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I'm hyped to see vitality lose
climate change?
If co2 was high 400 thousand years ago, it had natural causes such as volcano eruptions. How does that affect whether or not humans can change the co2 levels in the atmosphere? Saying humans can affec...
climate change?
Show me your source. And also, how does the co2 levels from 400 thousand years ago show that humans can't affect the co2 levels in the atmosphere
Drop nades
Sounds like bad strategy
Drop nades
That's not true You can buy 1 smoke 2 frags 2 molotovs 2 decoys And infinite flashes And if you save nade from last round, you can throw it and still buy the same as listed above I usually spend ...
Drop nades
How about dropping your kills and deaths to your teammates
Drop nades
How is sharing money different from sharing nades and kevlar?
New lgb
Norwegian cs players Lol
Dreamhack Atlanta 1 day prediction
Vitality XD are they even top 50?